How To Access And Try Microsoft Office Web Apps Tech Preview

By Sunshine | In News | Posted September 18, 2009 13 comments

If you are curious and eager to try out Office Web Apps, after reading our review, you have to sign up here. Then you have to wait for the invitation to come. But, (once signed up) there is another way to try.

Now this works if you are already in the Office 2010 Tech Preview, but hey you never know, it might if you aren’t too…just follow these steps:

1. Go to Windows Live SkyDrive and sign in with the Windows Live ID you registered earlier.

2. Upload some Microsoft Office documents into the Documents/My Documents folder on your Skydrive

3. Notice a “join our preview program” bar appears

4. Click “join our preview program” and accept the agreement
If you click “Learn more” you will be led to this page first:
Click to Learn More  
Click on the link “Start using the Office Web Apps today !” to get to the agreement.

Now you will see the ‘New’ option which will allow you to create new documents and start working on them.
To edit or view existing ones, select the document then click “View” to view it or “Edit” to edit it. Online editing is currently available for Excel and PowerPoint files only. The ability to edit Word documents online will be available at a later date.

Good luck and enjoy!

Posted September 18th, 2009 at 11:18 am
  • Gilly

    Not working for me, tried everything possible last night to try and get the Web Apps. Its odd the way it works for some people in the Office 2010 CTP and not others :(

  • ScottIsAFool

    This is just the first wave of invites don’t forget. Much like O2010 was done.

  • Bart

    Its working for me!! Woohoo!! cant wait to see it all up and running. Few tidbits I noticed when playing around:

    – Any modifications you make in an Excel file are autosaved

    – When selecting any Word document that is not in the My Documents folder, the “Edit” option at the top is not there.
    But you can still “Open” the Word Document in OWA

    Will report back if anything arises

  • niekbm

    Great stuff, works fine.

    I did however have to change my language settings from Nederlands(Dutch) to English.

  • simseb

    Confirmed! Changed the language of my belgian/dutch account to English and I got in the tcp. Thx.

  • brentgv

    Great stuff!

  • BV2312

    Wicked!! Changed my Location to US :)

  • SuNcO

    I think this is only for accepted people and at the same time they never upload a Office file to Skydrive before. I upload two files yesterday and one now and that box does not appear

    People who already have Office file and were invited, join directly. People invited but with no Office files uploaded were “invited” when you upload first Office file

  • Jimmy

    My Video: Office Web App Overview: First Look

  • damaster

    @SuNcO and Gilly: Try niekbm’s suggestion and change your locale to US English.

  • jamiet

    FYI: That hack works for anyone as long as you go to (Don’t forget the “?mkt=en-us” on the end of it)

    N.B. To Liveside administrator, only showing the domain part of a URL (as you have done in my comment above) is NOT a good feature!


  • SuNcO

    @damaster Thanks, that trick works (i check the language trick before and nothing)

  • ntadej

    Not working for me. I tried changing language to English and I already have US as my location.