Windows Mobile Marketplace is live (for WM 6.5): new Windows Live for Windows Mobile

Our friend Picturepan2 is hard at work (even on his birthday!), and has screenshots of Windows Mobile Marketplace in action:

8741.wmmarketplace_thumb_04683d9f News

The Marketplace is only available now for Windows Mobile 6.5 phones (one of which is already on sale), due to be released tomorrow, Oct. 6.  Along with Windows Mobile Marketplace, a new version of MyPhone is included.  And of course the big news for us is that there is a new version of Windows Live for Windows Mobile available.  Picturepan2 provided us with some screenshots, we’ll have more soon (unfortunately no 6.5 phone here to give it a spin (yet)):

(more screenshots in the full post!)
(also note that the new Windows Phone website is up, a day early.  Marketplace link is locked down, though)


includes Photo Sharing to Windows Live and other Social Networking sites, and lots more choices for sync:

0172.my_phone_windows_mobile_thumb_3ad8efa1 News  5554.my_phone_windows_mobile3_thumb_1164ae61 News 5488.my_phone_windows_mobile4_thumb_2ed9901e News  5466.my_phone_windows_mobile5_thumb_6c697e98 News

Windows Live

4300.windows_live_windows_mobile_review0_thumb_46ff8b2a News 0268.windows_live_windows_mobile_review1_thumb_1261bfa0 News

Windows Live Photo goodness:

0825.windows_live_windows_mobile_review2_thumb_41b3352a News 3582.windows_live_windows_mobile_review3_thumb_4cdf5025 News 3201.windows_live_windows_mobile_review4_thumb_4319e8ad News

Picturepan2 likes designer skins :)

2818.windows_live_windows_mobile_review5_thumb_4e4603a8 News

Windows Live Messenger:

1031.windows_live_windows_mobile_review6_thumb_649ba8ed News   1464.windows_live_windows_mobile_review7_thumb_5f4cc23c News 6708.windows_live_windows_mobile_review8_thumb_15bd743f News

More Windows Live:

8880.windows_live_windows_mobile_review9_thumb_1a3685b7 News 2604.windows_live_windows_mobile_review10_thumb_29d92179 News 6471.windows_live_windows_mobile_review11_thumb_1960b07e News

According to Picturepan2, no Bing apps yet in the Marketplace, so there’s still lots more to come…