Windows Mobile Marketplace is live (for WM 6.5): new Windows Live for Windows Mobile

By Kip Kniskern | In News | Posted October 5, 2009 9 comments

Our friend Picturepan2 is hard at work (even on his birthday!), and has screenshots of Windows Mobile Marketplace in action:


The Marketplace is only available now for Windows Mobile 6.5 phones (one of which is already on sale), due to be released tomorrow, Oct. 6.  Along with Windows Mobile Marketplace, a new version of MyPhone is included.  And of course the big news for us is that there is a new version of Windows Live for Windows Mobile available.  Picturepan2 provided us with some screenshots, we’ll have more soon (unfortunately no 6.5 phone here to give it a spin (yet)):

(more screenshots in the full post!)
(also note that the new Windows Phone website is up, a day early.  Marketplace link is locked down, though)


includes Photo Sharing to Windows Live and other Social Networking sites, and lots more choices for sync:

my_phone_windows_mobile my_phone_windows_mobile3 my_phone_windows_mobile4 my_phone_windows_mobile5

Windows Live

windows_live_windows_mobile_review0 windows_live_windows_mobile_review1

Windows Live Photo goodness:

windows_live_windows_mobile_review2 windows_live_windows_mobile_review3 windows_live_windows_mobile_review4

Picturepan2 likes designer skins :)


Windows Live Messenger:

windows_live_windows_mobile_review6  windows_live_windows_mobile_review7 windows_live_windows_mobile_review8

More Windows Live:

windows_live_windows_mobile_review9 windows_live_windows_mobile_review10 windows_live_windows_mobile_review11

According to Picturepan2, no Bing apps yet in the Marketplace, so there’s still lots more to come…

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  • mdsharpe

    Marketplace is kinda lame.
    Windows Live looks good, got a download link?

  • GoodThings2Life

    Great stuff with Windows Live, but… any word on calendar syncing yet? They really need to get on this!

  • Kip Kniskern

    The download link is on WM 6.5 phones now. MyPhone is down for maintenance, and the link to Windows Marketplace on is locked down.

  • jamiet

    Looks good, although I wish they’d get their act together and merge MyPhone & WL4WM into a single app.
    I echo the early comment about calendar syncing also!


  • mdsharpe

    The new Windows Live is pretty nice. Still no calendar though that I can see. And just as lame, still doesn’t support Multiple Points Of Presence!!

  • John Ericson

    We want good calendar syncing! :-/

  • CharlyAR

    Hey. I want the new Windows Live for Windows Mobile… Wonder when a cab download link is posted.

  • damaster

    Does anyone know what the “Sync” menu do in Windows Live for Windows Mobile?

  • jordanmills

    The sync on WMforWM syncs email and contacts with the windows live service.