Which Windows Live service is next to go?

By Kip Kniskern | In News | Posted October 21, 2009 19 comments

deadpool49 We haven’t had the heart to start our own little Windows Live Deadpool, but the hits just keep on coming.  Windows Live OneCare was probably the first shocker, and then Soapbox (ok not a Windows Live service, but it almost was and should have been), and Silverlight Streaming, to name a few, have all been recently slated for the slag heap.  Jamie’s not too sure about My.Live.com, either.

Now a new nasty little rumor has popped up on Mini-Microsoft’s blog:

Windows Live is supposed to help with building value via rich applications. Live has been broken out of Windows to free it from the consent decree and all (‘cept for sneaking a Win7 component out early, wink-wink). Messenger, Mail, Photos, Movies, and an awkward online service. And Live Writer (though rumored a dead-man walking per comments).

(Emphasis (in bold) is ours, and we’re not quite sure which comments he’s talking about)

Now it seems unlikely that Windows Live Writer would go through all the trouble of gaining a ribbon just to cut the product, although a number of key members of the Writer team have left Microsoft recently, so who knows.

Anyway, what do you think is up with Windows Live?  Will we see more products cut?  We’ve put up a poll on the home page, feel free to cast your vote.

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  • http://www.liveside.net/members/nikhil_5F00_jain/default.aspx nikhil_jain

    MS want to make WL a uniform platform for developer and for end user in S+S.At PDC09 MS gonna show a real power of WL for bth aspect developer and end user.

  • http://www.liveside.net/members/Kit-Yeung/default.aspx Kit

    I think they need to really focus on what they should do, not being facebook and half-caste flickr / skydrive. All of the services really need consolidation.

  • http://www.liveside.net/members/Kit-Yeung/default.aspx Kit Yeung

    I think they should really kill home.live.com, don’t really see the value over there.

  • http://www.liveside.net/members/Khristopher/default.aspx Khristopher

    I can see the following disappearing:

    Writer? No way, not gonna happen.

  • http://www.liveside.net/members/trolane/default.aspx trolane

    don’t kill my.live.com, my homepage :(

  • http://www.alvinashcraft.com Alvin Ashcraft

    I really hope Writer is not cut. If they do, I would love to see them throw it up on CodePlex for the community to pick up the ball and run with it.

  • http://gregsedwards.spaces.live.com gregsedwards

    I think home.live.com is quite safe. It was one of the chief properties to get the spotlight in wave 3, and far from being a “Facebook clone,” it adds a lot of value by helping me keep tabs on my Windows Live network. It’s the private compliment to profile.live.com; you really can’t have one without the other. I think home.live.com needs more “customizability” (like pulling in your own RSS feeds and maybe some basic WL modules), but it’s a solid service and an important part of WL.

    And I think my.live.com is an interesting idea, but given the fact it hasn’t been updated in a looooong time (wave 2 theme), it’s probably the one to go. WL really needs a web-based RSS manager on par with Google Reader, and my.live.com just doesn’t cut it. They should look at leveraging SkyDrive or Hotmail for managing your RSS feeds in the cloud.

  • http://www.liveside.net/members/fredacosta/default.aspx fredacosta

    I hope they do not get rid of Windows Live Personalized Experience (my.live.com). I think it needs a bit more improvement to compete with iGoogle, but in my opinion, it is a great product.

    I use it every day as one of my three home pages to get all the content I need without having to go to separate sites. I am sure many feel the same way I do.

    All we can do is wait at this point, I guess…

  • http://www.liveside.net/members/webguy/default.aspx webguy

    my.live.com is also my home page. Never found a use for home.live.com. I think there needs to be an easier way to navigate through all the MS online properties, including Bing.

  • http://www.liveside.net/members/lbastie/default.aspx lbastie
  • http://www.liveside.net/members/paperlock/default.aspx paperlock

    These web site need two updated soon.
    I hope with wave4 they’ll merge syn and mesh and skydrive.Skydrive needs more storeage up 100gb.
    Next quetion bing then windows live wave 4 yes or on.
    New research labs at Microsoft Future Social Experiences.
    Iam all so hopeing four socialpc very soon in windows live wave 4

    Hear are two web site you can share your desktop.


    More info on windows live online services

  • http://www.liveside.net/members/djyserv/default.aspx djyserv

    Appalled that MS would kill Live Writer. Use it every day. Best damn tool MS every produced. You can always count on MS to screw up a good thing.

  • http://gregsedwards.spaces.live.com gregsedwards

    @ lbastie – You can’t kill WL Gallery without breaking all of the gadgets used by my.live.com, WL Spaces, and WL Events (oh wait, strike that last one, WL Events is already dead). Unless they’re planning to ditch all of them at once…

  • http://www.liveside.net/members/halo2redvsblue/default.aspx halo2redvsblue

    I hope they dont kill off alerts. i use that all the time for info.

  • http://www.liveside.net/members/seb5150/default.aspx seb5150

    I also use LiveWriter almost every day and I’d be crushed if they killed it.

  • http://www.liveside.net/members/Alber1690/default.aspx Alber1690

    They need to sort out my.msn.com vs. my.live.com. I used to use my.live.com every day, but forgot what kept going wrong so I had to switch to my.msn.com, which now I have gotten used to.

  • http://j-m-williams.com jwilliams

    That’s a shame. Live Writer was one of the few Live services worth anything.

  • quikboy

    Is it any wonder why Microsoft doesn’t have deeper marketshare penetration in the U.S.? Nobody likes to see their favorite or well-used services getting tossed because of a company’s neglect and lack of innovation.

    Anyway, tossing Live Writer is a dumb move if MS were to do so. It’s actually a well-used and well-liked software, and I don’t see why MS would just kill it.

    Gallery is going nowhere, My.live.com is going nowhere (need better/more module choices!), and Home.live.com doesn’t accomplish too much. If they need to kill something, My.live.com should go. Sorry for those that use it, but you should really try other start pages. Netvibes is the best in the business.

  • BuciboLebo

    How on earth do you take a year and a half to update web applications. That is if there will ever be a release called Wave 4 and when it does see light of day, I bet you its going to be boring. I am on the verge of conceding that the future belongs to Google, Facebook and the likes. I think Microsoft under Steve Bummer is fast becoming the IBM of our time. Microsoft needs a visionary and cool leader in the mold of Steve Jobs. They will never catch up in the consumer space.

    I recently realized that all my friends from the former rapidly growing Live QnA community are now on Facebook and nowhere on the Windows Live properties. That translates to hundreds of Windows Live ID that have been rendered useless because Microsoft did not care about their retention.