What’s coming for Live.com?

By LiveSide | In News | Posted October 30, 2009 9 comments

If you’ve recently visited Bing by typing http://www.live.com into the address bar, you would’ve noticed the following notice across the top of the page:

Bing Notice

When Bing first launched, this Q&A post over at the Bing & adCenter Community told us the following:

Q: What will happen to Live.com?
A: The Live.com URL will redirect to Bing.com for 45 days after launch. After this period it becomes the front door for all Live services including Office Live and Windows Live.

It’s now way past 45 days since Bing first launched in June, and this is the first sign indicating that Live.com will no longer redirect to Bing. After all, Microsoft should make good use of the easy-to-remember domain name for their “Live” offerings (did we mention Start.com too?). The question is, what will take the place for Live.com? Possible candidates are:

Which one do you think will take the place of Live.com? And most important of all, what would you want to be placed there?

Posted October 30th, 2009 at 3:54 am
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  • Alber1690

    Hmm…interesting. A brand new page would be very awesome if they did an effective job at blending in all of the Windows Live and Office Live offerings. But my.live.com functionality should be a major component of it, unless the RSS concept is moved to my.msn.com efforts.

  • Mephiles

    Hopefully, they’ll move home.live.com and combine it with My Live.

  • emiliano84

    i quote mephiles and i’d like they combine with the today page of windows live mail too

    microsoft stille have too many services, pages and softwares similar and wasteful…they must start reduce and merge and combine them!!!

  • Dave Houlbrooke

    I imagine it will be Windows Live Home.

    Be really mega-cool to see custom RSS feeds on the right hand side, but it’s unlikely.

  • Seika

    Dave: like Netvibes’ planned update.

    I think it’ll be a new homepage, like the current Windows Live page that gave short introduction and Sign Up/Sign In link for users not logged in the system. It will have standard introduction about Windows Live & Office Live.

    Sounds the cheapest without having to move things.

  • foaf

    I agree with Seika. BUT I want what everyone else wants, home.live.com mixed with my.live.com.

  • lbastie

    Who cares? Really?

  • Pendrome

    What is going to happen when browsers redirect try to redirect to Live Search after a search term is entered in the URL bar? Currently, they are redirected to Bing. Many browsers have search.live.com set as the default search engine, so where will they redirect to after the Live URL no longer redirects to Bing?

  • damaster

    I’m not sure but for me in Internet Explorer 7/8 the search bar (in the upper right-hand corner) was automatically updated to “Bing” from “Live Search” back when Bing was first released.