MSN Video is now…Bing Videos!

By damaster | Posted November 11, 2009 5 comments

Starting today, MSN Video will be gradually be rebranded and integrated into Bing Videos, providing a “unified experience” across Microsoft’s online video destinations. Here’s what the Bing team blog has to say:

Starting today and rolling out over the next few days Bing Videos will provide a new unified online video destination that delivers a comprehensive, organized, and high-quality video experience. This change will combine the powerful search experience of Bing, with the expertise of MSN Video all into one destination.

The official MSN team blog states that the MSN Video team will continue to provide the video editorial contents, however this will be accessible using the new Bing Videos technology:

MSN continues to invest in creating engaging original programming like Last Night on TV and offering the best video content from providers like MSNBC, Fox Sports, National Geographic, Entertainment Tonight, and more. Bing Videos will be a great new distribution vehicle for MSN Video content and the MSN video experience on Bing Videos will use a new HD-capable player (using Silverlight Smooth Streaming).

Here’s a screenshot of the new Bing Videos homepage, covering best of both worlds into one single destination:

Bing Videos

Here’s a video of an interview with Rob Bennett, General Manager of Network Programming at MSN Video, talks about Microsoft’s investment in video and why Bing Videos is another great example of synergy between Bing and MSN.

Video: New Bing Video on MSN

Check out the new Bing Videos at!

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  • Alber1690

    Wow! Now THAT is the video experience that Microsoft needed to provide. The HD playback is absolutely awesome…it took a few secs for the player to up the quality, but I’m sure people would rather have a video instantly play than wait for an endless buffer. MSN Video needed a dramatic facelift and viewing experience; this is definitely a move in the right direction. Very sleek player too.

  • Khristopher

    It looks great, but until Hulu and other US only video sites allow other countries to view their content, this is basically only good for the US.

  • Quikboy

    The new MSN Video/Bing Video better be good. I still have doubts.

    If the ads play for EVERY single video as usual, I’m not going to bother. If YouTube and other sites can manage make ads discreet and not annoying, there should be no reason why MSN couldn’t have done the same.

    Also, what does the new MSN/Bing Videos offer that YouTube doesn’t? Besides the lack of ability to upload content? Hopefully it’ll be better, but I’m not holding my breath.

  • damaster

    @quikboy: I agree with you, the ads on MSN Video were really annoying. But I don’t think Bing Videos is supposed to compete with YouTube.

    Bear in mind that Bing Videos is a video search engine and simply returns existing videos available on the internet already (including user-uploaded video contents from YouTube, MySpace video…etc). MSN Video once provided editorial video content generated by Microsoft (or its affiliates) from sources such as MSNBC, Fox Sports, National Geographic…etc.

    Combining the two, the merger of Bing Videos/MSN Video is not supposed to nor intended to compete with YouTube, which is designed for user-uploaded video contents. Soapbox on MSN Video was supposed to do that but was discontinued a while ago. There’s currently no offering from Microsoft that directly competes with YouTube. Although rumours do say something of a smaller scale is coming to Windows Live…

  • adrian-polglase

    Sounds an improvement on the Silverlight and HD front and all that, but considering Microsoft’s branding – am I the only person getting a little confused with the services names?

    Like MSN now re-directs to Windows Live for it’s blogs and Bing for it’s search and now I am guessing the video link will direct you to Bing? Isn’t this branding getting a little messy?