New features and updates to Bing Reference!

Thanks to a reminder from [email protected], we noticed an update to Bing Reference that went unnoticed. For those who don’t know what Bing Reference is, it is a search vertical of Bing that is based on the acquired Powerset technologies that semantically indexes Wikipedia content and displays them in an enhanced view within Bing. As part of the recent Bing update, The side-pane on the right for Bing Reference has been significantly updated, and besides displaying an outline of the article, it also allows in-text searchers, “highlighter”, image search, video search, as well as integration with Bing Maps. Let take a closer look by having a look at today’s Bing homepage image, São Paulo:

0511.bingreference_thumb_31f86df4 Bing

Images and video search are also now integrated into the side-pane, displaying a list of all in-article images, related images from Bing Images, as well as related videos from Bing Videos. Additionally, Bing Maps is also fully integrated into this and automatically searches any in-text references to locations and displays them on a map, very handy!

7041.images_thumb_1e5ae886 Bing 8228.maps_thumb_18aca255 Bing

To check out Bing Reference for yourself, visit