Photosynth: New release and new UI

Photosynth got a new release. The download of imagery when you zoom has been improved and there’s a new UI:
6165.image_thumb_734fdd96 News
1. The Controls – All controls are still there, in the middle we find a navigation disk.
2. View Control – This is the biggest change. If you hover over the button you get quick access to the different ways of viewing the synth: normal 3D view (Synth), Overhead view, 2D photo grid and, for the first time with a control in the UI, Point Cloud!
3. Help – Clicking on ? will open up a help panel explaining the basic controls. According to the team’s blog post this panel will open on load, which is true if you open one up yourself, it doesn’t with the featured one on home page. If it bothers you that it opens on load you can check “Don’t show again.”

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