More information about Windows Live Wave 4’s dynamic header

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Following on from last week’s post about Windows Live Wave 4’s new header, Picturepan2 from was able to get hold of another pair of screenshots on the new web services header. His screenshots seem to confirm what we reported last time about the built-in Web Messenger capability directly from within the header. Here’s a screenshot showing the header on the new Windows Live Home Wave 4:

Windows Live Wave 4 Header 

The figure next to Hotmail indicates the number of unread emails, while the figure next to Messenger indicates the number of contacts currently available on Web Messenger. To change your status, simply click on your display name, as shown in the screenshot below:

Windows Live Wave 4 Header Status

We expect to have more information about Windows Live Wave 4 coming in the next few weeks. Stay tuned!

Posted January 21st, 2010 at 5:16 am
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  • Khristopher

    Why is Livesino getting all of the inside information, and not you guys? You guys used to be the first place for information, but not anymore. Too many agreements with Microsoft to not post leaks?

  • technogran

    What I would love to know is how Livesino is getting hold of them? There must be someone leaking them internally as at the moment there is no betas of any of the Wave 4 products or I as a Windows Live MVP would be using them.
    As I access my Hotmail and Messenger from the desktop only via the Essentials suite of programs, this ‘active’ header is hardly useful as I don’t use the online versions at all.

  • Damaster –
  • Ali

    Still not 100% convinced. Placing Hotmail at the centre of Windows Live seems like a massive mistake, especially as millions of users have non-hotmail Windows Live IDs (ie. they signed up using their own address). At least, with the current header, Windows Live seems more inclusive of those IDs. But with “People” and “Profile” now buried elsewhere, the focus has clearly shifted away from the social network functionality of wave 3. Even the search box to get to friend’s profiles has gone….

    I could be entirely wrong, and the new Windows Live Home could be all-singing, all-dancing, but it does seem that there’s a shift towards a service that millions of people with a Windows Live ID can’t/don’t actually use.

  • Lee

    this must be fake. but the informations can not be entirely wrong.

  • aipingwangfulepp

    It is very informative blog.

  • bastie

    Instead of wasting money like that, MS should just take over Facebook…