to be discontinued on March 15th

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We’ve had numerous questions posed to us over the last few months about the status and future of, the personal home page that started out as an Atlas framework (now Ajax) project managed by Sanaz Ahari and the late Steve Rider.  Well now, according to a note we received today from a reader, the long and storied history of is coming to an end:

Thank you for using On March 15, 2010, will be discontinued and all users redirected to My MSN. Please note that your settings, feeds and gadgets will not be migrated to MyMSN. To make MyMSN your homepage today, click here.

Sure enough, when we signed in to our (little used) page, we found the same thing:

mylivecom was redirecting to, but for the past week or so, it too has had a new message:


Windows Live has plans for the domain, but for now we’ll just have to wait and see what they are.  Sorry for those of you still using (we know you’re out there because we get a fair number of hits from it) but the end is near.

Posted January 26th, 2010 at 4:27 am
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  • Keverdy13

    I started using just two months ago. I have been using My MSN before that. I should have kept with My MSN.

  • Steve

    What a shocking sad news….it”s time to switch to Google.

  • cg

    I am extremely disappointed. I have a highly customized home page with tons of RSS feeds.

  • John

    I’ve been using for several years now, and I have yet to find an alternative which gives me the same complete overview of my feeds. iGoogle is close, but its header takes up much valuable screen space.

    Well, I guess I’ll give My MSN a try.

  • RichSpalding

    That’s quite a shame. The site has been my personal newspaper every morning for quite a few years. Google Reader just isn’t as nicely ordered. No way would I use anything under the MSN brand though, so Google it is.

  • Matt Sharpe

    This is really very sad. is my homepage and has been for as long as it has existed.
    I’d absolutely hate to move to Google Reader, but I don’t like the idea of either, particularly since it isn’t working for me right now.

  • psyche

    Read the writing on the wall and switched to netvibes over a month ago. You can import all your feeds from Unbelieveable that you can’t import to The big ad is enough to stop me from even trying.

  • MJ

    Does anyone know a decent alternative where we can export our OPML to?

  • Menthix

    Interestingly as Mynetx pointed out ( “ is discontinued on March 15. #MIX10 is from March 15 to March 17.”.

  • rkmiller5

    I started switching to igoogle about a week ago. RSS feeds come in perfect. I think it’s a good alternative

  • Greg Edwards

    Before switching to the big “G” for a personal dashboard, I’d encourage everyone to see what they have in planned for wave 4. Are there any rumors about a replacement service that WL is going to offer, perhaps something integrated the WL Home page, SkyDrive, or Hotmail?

  • lordcanti86

    My guess is that My MSN will also be redesigned before goes down (to match the redesign of MSN itself)

  • bob e

    I too have been using and will miss it. I just added my feeds to the MyMSN home page and noticed several immediate undesirable effects:

    1. The top item in each feed is expanded by default wasting precious space.
    2. Each time I close the browser and reopen I need to sign in again – didn’t work that way…
    3. Stock market web part takes up way to much space compared to old version.

    I am not pleased about this

  • JohnCz

    I checked out MyMSN and if I were to use it, I would complain how tall the page header is and that it doesn’t support web gadgets (or at least additional variances in content layout than simple lists). For example, why waste space by adding a separate Headline, Finance, Entertainment News sections from the “same” source when it could be a ajax’d tabbed web part. Hopefully MSN will improve this as part of the MSN revamp. By the way, why haven’t we seen the new MSN rolled out yet? Wasn’t that announced back in October/November?

  • quikboy

    What an idiot decision. Years of no updates, and just now they spring the news that it’s over? MyMSN isn’t even comparable, given the still low customizability and quantity of web apps available on it.

    I’m not surprised as to why some of my friends have stopped using Windows Live, because they usually feel that MS isn’t doing hard enough to keep the services and tools intact and updated. Apparently, Google isn’t the type of company that will usually toss out stuff haphazardly and mess with its users like this.

    • JohnCz

      All these personal portals pretty much work the same way. Speaking specifically of the page layout customization..MyMSN is far better than ever was and on par with their competitors. My only criticism there is in regards to the size of the header. Now if you are talking about support for web gadgets…yeah, that is definitely a shortcoming but something that should be relatively easy to implement.

  • Chris

    Very strange. Would have thought mymsn would have gotten the boot.

  • Fred A.

    I agree with Chris. I think they should have given my.msn the boot also. With that said though, I have seen the redesign of MSN, and if they were to implement that design into, I think that will be cool. I guess all we can do is hope… Will give my.msn a try for a while, and see if it fits my needs. Sad to see go, been using it a long time.

  • Mario Albertico

    Ugh. I’ve been on since it came out. It just works. And it seems like others agree. my.msn needs serious customization options and a way to shrink that half-screen header.

    • JohnCz

      beyond shrinking the header and web gadgets/embedded objects…what else is missing?

      • iamsteventiger

        • OPML import/export
        • Collection sharing
        • Maximizing a specific RSS/ATOM channel window for detail reading
        • No ugly mortgage advertisement
        • Movable page tab
        • Its style, look and feel

        • Chris

          All seem to be personal prefaces.

          and define style, loook and feel

        • JohnCz

          Seems like LiveSide should get in touch with MSN to find out what their plans are for MyMSN. Especially now that they are Microsoft’s soul offering (which is a positive in my book). You would think that MSN would be eager to include some of the MyLive capabilities. And if you do get in touch with MSN, where is the MSN refresh?

  • Fred A.

    This evening I took the time to configure for myself, and I must say it isn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Others, however, are correct about the big header-It is just too big. I also wish I could move the display ad on the right upper corner of the page… Other than that, it is OK.

  • Martin looks promising, and it has some nice features, but it is not :(

  • lexM

    Sad news, I’ve used for years and before that. I was worried with the lack of updates but I had hoped that it might be refreshed in Wave 4.

    I have a iGoogle but never really clicked with me so after checking out my msn and discounting it I’ve decided to go for Netvibes. I was worried about the massive header there as well until I found the options to ditch the title and search box. The mass OPML import option was the thing that finally sold me on it.

  • churchwa

    Must say, I too am very dissapointed. I have used it for years now, ever since Netvibes seems to be the best alternative, much better than igoogle.