A fresh new look at Windows Live Home Wave 4 (Part 1)

Remember last time we showed you a glimpse of Windows Live Home Wave 4? More information has poured in today showing the capabilities of the “Share something new” box. It happens that unlike Twitter (or the current Windows Live implementation) which only allows you to post status updates, the box in Wave 4 is much more like Facebook which allows you to upload and share your photos or documents – directly from within the box! Here’s a few screenshots of it in action:

0027.windowslivehomeshare1_04093087 News

Clicking on “Document” expands the box to allow you to select a document from you computer:

2465.windowslivehomeshare2_48d554bb News

After you click “Share”, the document will be uploaded to your SkyDrive (or Windows Live Docs) and the box will show the following:

0310.windows_live_home_wave4_part2_share_files_thumb_45b56a4c News

However, it seems that the box does not allow you to update your Personal Status Message (on your Profile / Messenger) this way. Perhaps it has not yet been implemented – do take in mind that these screenshots are taken from pre-release versions and features are most likely still incomplete. At least these show a bit about what’s to come in Wave 4! Stay tuned at LiveSide for more information about Windows Live Home Wave 4!

Special thanks to Picturepan2 @ LiveSino.net again for these screenshots!