Messenger Plus! sets up office in Montreal

Back in December Patchou, creator of Messenger Plus! (Live), wrote a lengthy article about the history of Messenger Plus!. In that article he announced that he would take a step back (there’s only so much one man can do) and that his popular Messenger add-on had been transitioned into a larger company called Yuna Software, of which he is part.

This transition went through a rocky start for all parties involved. There were lots of concerns, which, due to restructuring of the company, were left unaddressed. Until today that is.

Today Patchou apologized for the issues on behalf of the whole company and announced that he is back in charge of things concerning the software. Of course some things will still be different, like business decisions, but as far as the software and what surrounds it goes, Patchou is back in charge (just like before).

Yuna Software has offices in several places in the world. Currently one more is being set up, one that is of most importance for Messenger Plus!, an office in Montreal. In that office, Patchou will be the manager. Soon he will be hiring software developers in the Montreal area. To be eligible you will need to be able to speak French and eat C++ for breakfast! Yumm! If this is you, send him a message and who knows, you may just be one of the people developing Messenger Plus! 5.