More Windows Live Messenger Wave 4 screenshots – hints at Video Messages integration, geo-tagging in Photos, and more!

Only one day later, another set of Windows Live Messenger Wave 4 screenshots has been leaked to the web, this time by Chinese website Aggregating all the screenshots that we’ve seen in the past few days, we’re guessing that these screenshots originated from some internal press release documents judging by the names and display tiles in these screenshots. Here’s a few extra things that we’ve discovered with these screenshots:

  • 7608.windowslivemessengerwave41tagged_thumb_62bc920b News Classic “Contact List” view is still available – as we’ve told you earlier, the expanded “social” pane on the left is collapsible by simply clicking on the icon on the top-right corner. The screenshot on the right shows the collapsed view, with the advertisement in its original size.
  • Twitter and WordPress connection – one of the screenshots showed us that besides Facebook, you can also “connect” to Twitter and WordPress:
    4760.twitterandwordpressintegration_02c778fc News  
    Though we’re not quite sure how it will be “connected” (is it just like Web Activities in Windows Live?), or why there’s a need to “connect” WordPress into a seemingly unrelated instant messaging client.
  • Possible Video Messages integrationWindows Live Video Messages has been in beta since its introduction back in 2008, and while it is branded with the Wave 3 theme, it didn’t really have much integration with the rest of Windows Live. From one of the newly leaked screenshots, one of the social updates seems to show that Video Messages is now integrated right into Messenger:
    6724.videomessagesintegration_7344672c News  
  • Geo-tagging support in Windows Live Photos – One of the social update tiles also hinted at possible geo-tagging support in Windows Live Photos (and perhaps even Photo Gallery!):
    4380.geotagginginphotos_156c4ce6 News
  • New “Friends” view – which allows you to view all your contacts and sort them into categories based on their interests, details, Messenger status, and more: 
    4784.windowslivemessengerwave42tagged_thumb_73ac8622 News

We’ve also received a tip from robinson who pointed to us a screenshot of the new Messenger emoticon panel from French website Wikikou:

7532.messengeremoticons_1891372a News

Evidently, for those of you who prefer the original look showing only the contact list, Messenger Wave 4 will still provide you with that clean look. However, for those who would like to see all their social networks’ contact updates all-in-one place, Messenger Wave 4 is also the way to go. But regardless of which category you fit in, Messenger surely provides some great and seemless integration with other Windows Live services (like Video Messages and Photos) – and we can’t wait to see what other new features there will be in Messenger Wave 4! Stay tuned!