Even more Wave 4 screenshots emerge (Part 2)

By damaster | Posted February 23, 2010 32 comments

Following our Part 1 coverage on LiveSino.net and cnBeta.com’s leak of new Windows Live Wave 4 screenshots, this time we’ll take a glimpse at the next version of Windows Live SkyDrive, Family Safety, Sync and Movie Maker. We’ll examine them individually below.


The long-rumoured “Flix” video service in SkyDrive has finally been revealed. It will now be part of Windows Live Photos and allow direct video playback through the web service. The screenshot below shows WMV support, but of course we expect more formats to be supported through this service. Videos on Windows Live Photos will also support People tags, just like it does in the current Photo Gallery. It is not surprising that we might also see music playback through SkyDrive also. Of course, now that SkyDrive has a video-hosting service, it will integrate tightly with its client-counterpart – Windows Live Movie Maker. More info below.

Windows Live SkyDrive - Video Support


When we talk about SkyDrive and cloud storage, of course we won’t forget to mention the cloud synchronisation platform – formerly Live Mesh, now Windows Live Sync. Windows Live Sync has gotten a complete revamp, pretty much dumping the old FolderShare interface and becomes a new (and possibly the most important) piece of software in itself. As the client-side for Windows Live Devices, Sync will allow you to synchronise files between devices and SkyDrive, as well as providing remote access to your PCs over the internet. Perhaps the most interesting piece of news is that Windows Live Sync will also support synchronisation of your program settings, as seen in the screenshot below allowing you to synchronise your Internet Explorer settings between two or more computers. Expect more programs to be added to this list. Great addition!

Sync 1

Movie Maker

With SkyDrive getting video playback support, it is not surprising to see Movie Maker to add direct upload to SkyDrive support. Windows Live Movie Maker Wave 4 will now have native support for uploading videos to Windows Live SkyDrive (including Group’s SkyDrive), YouTube, Facebook and Flickr. What’s also new is the “AutoMovie themes” section, allowing you to get one-click access to the AutoMovie feature, but at the same time allowing you to select the style of your movie. Word also has it that Movie Maker will now have over 60 transitions and over 40 different visual effects.

Windows Live Movie Maker Wave 4

Family Safety

As Windows 7 opens up their parental controls feature to third party applications, Windows Live Family Safety Wave 4 takes good advantage of this. Pretty much all of Windows 7’s current parental control features – time limits, game ratings, as well as allowing or blocking specific programs, can now be replaced by Family Safety Wave 4. The benefit of this is that you can now remotely access and modify all of your parental control settings over the web, without the need to be physically at the computer. Besides web filtering, Family Safety now features:

  • Time Limits – restricting the time of day or day of the week your child can log on to the computer

     Windows Live Family Safety Wave 4 - Time limits

  • Game Ratings – you can control access to games based on an age-rating level, or based on the type of game content you want to block

    Windows Live Family Safety Wave 4 - Game ratings

  • Allow or block specific programs – you can now prevent your child from running programs that you don’t want them to run
    Windows Live Family Safety Wave 4 - Allow or block specific programs

These screenshots of Windows Live Wave 4 sure looks promising! Of course, what we saw was only the tip of the iceberg, and here at LiveSide we’ll make sure to keep you posted on the latest about the next version of Windows Live!

Be sure to check out our Part 1 coverage on the new ribbon interface across all Wave 4 applications, the new Photo Gallery’s Photo Fuse feature, and what’s happening with the future of Windows Live Toolbar!

Posted February 23rd, 2010 at 2:44 pm
  • technogran

    Lot’s of us have requested the SkyDrive ability to store our Movie Maker videos so that we can share them. However, we also requested that it became a hosting platform as well instead of having to rely on YouTube et al. (missing SoapBox here!) Still its a start. Hopefully the file upload limit will also be raised to allow those pristine HD videos! Some good stuff! I can’t wait to get my mitts on it all.

    • jkth

      What’s the differnce between (1) storing Movie Maker videos on SkyDrive and (2) hosting them on SkyDrive? Sounds like the same thing to me!

      • http://gregsedwards.wordpress.com Greg Edwards

        Perhaps TG is talking about the ability to play SkyDrive-stored videos elsewhere via an embeddable widget. As you know, the present version of SkyDrive doesn’t support streaming. Even if you poke an audio or video file up there, you have to download it and play it back locally. The screen shot above seems to indicate that we will indeed be able to play video clips through the SkyDrive page, but it’s unclear whether the new service on SkyDrive will support embedding.

      • technogran

        Yes LOL your quite right Jamie! As always ready to put this Gran to rights! I honestly don’t know what I’d do without you! Of course its the same thing, I must have been half asleep when I posted that. :)

  • Christof Jans

    “Of course, what we saw was only the tip of the ice burg …” That should be “tip of the iceberg”.

    • Damaster – LiveSide.net

      Sorry my bad. Fixed now!

  • jntowers

    Has there been any word on the ability to purchase more storage? Once you start hosting videos, that 25gb fills up quickly!

  • elnicoya

    Looks like Wave 4 will be awesome. Great to see SkyDrive getting some playback options.

  • http://twitter.com/johnmisczak John Misczak

    If Live Sync is now putting the web portion of your files on SkyDrive, does that mean we’ll get the 25GB of space Skydrive has, instead of the 5GB that Live Mesh currently offers?

    • http://jamieellis.co.cc/ jamie1984

      be nice if they added they together literally – to make 30GB (joint storage)

      • technogran

        With all those fantastic HD video’s we can now put together with Live Movie Maker, I’m hoping for at least 50GB! (Greedy Gran)

    • Mario Albertico

      If they want to have a decent alternative to YouTube (or any other major video sharing site for the matter), I really don’t see how having storage limitations will make it a viable candidate. We gotta think bigger than 30GB…

      • JohnCz

        “bigger than 30GB”. I have a feeling there will be other options. For me, 25GB would be fine for uploading frequently accessed clips/photos for blog posts. I use my multi-terabyte Windows Home Server to share full length videos with family. It would be awesome if there was a way to use WHS to extend the capacity of Live SkyDrive.

  • JohnCz

    I’m very happy about the Video support. I’m curious if it is Silverlight based player and if you can get embed code for videos (in public folder) to post on your blog.

    • technogran

      Hopefully the teams will have been working closely together and Live Writer should also allow you to embed a video inside your blog post using all of those alternatives as well, so we can then embed our video and see it in our SkyDrive as we see our pictures and photos now. (and share them of course.) Hurrah! Goodbye YouTube!
      Just wish now I had made a laundry list of all my wishes for Wave 4 like Jamie always does as most of them are coming true!
      I can’t wait..

  • http://josecapistrano.info jhoeforth

    I’m very excited about Windows Live Sync. IMO, it’s the best thing in Wave 4 (Although all the additions are welcomed). I can’t wait!

    @John, I strongly believe that’s the case.

  • jntowers

    The reference to that older article mentions bumping up to 50gb when the average gets close to 25gb… I really hope they offer a more flexible option than that. I’d even be willing to pay for it. We use Gladinet right now to keep our pictures and some documents synced up to our Skydrive account. If videos are watchable, then we’ll definitely be adding those as well, but will quickly need more than 25gb.

  • http://twitter.com/surilamin surilamin

    @damaster “When we talk about SkyDrive and cloud storage, of course we won’t forget to mention the cloud synchronisation platform – formerly Live Mesh, now Windows Live Sync.” Just seeking some clarification, are you implying that Live Mesh will be dead soon, or just that Live Sync is simply taking the more prominent role as far as Windows Live is concerned?

  • Asrialys

    “formerly Live Mesh, now Windows Live Sync.”

    “Now” as in current now or Wave 4 now?

    Hm, so they are integrating Live Mesh and Live Sync? Or were the assumptions based on the screenshot? I mean, what if it’s just a new UI client that allows you remote access to your files instead of complete remote access to the PC…

  • Andrew

    I lovoe the “Program Settings” in Sync. Windows Movie Maker used to be useful, you could make a good video. Now the most you can do is set a group of pictures to music.

  • Chris

    So glad mesh is not dead. by far the best cloud app/service that Microsoft currently provides. I use and depend on it every single day.

    Looks like Wave 4 will be a very complete cloud extension to windows. Basically exactly what MobileMe does for osx and iphone. Very excited about the new features!

    • JohnCz

      As I think about it, I hope Mesh’s folder commenting features are retained. It would be cool if there was a desktop component that allowed you to view/write comments as you browsed your sync’d folders. So far, I’ve seen no mention of this. Also, I’m curious if Mesh Apps have a future and if they will bother incorporating the Remote Desktop capability.

  • Sonic

    What I really want is more storage for Skydrive, will that even happen?

  • Mario Albertico

    This is shaping up to be a very “premium” software experience, can’t believe it will all still be free.

  • Hosein Rezayi

    Are new apps available in Wave 4? There are 11 necessary and missing apps for Wave 4 : 1)- a Windows Optimizer 2)- a Download Manager 3)- a Audio Editor 4)- a Text Translator 5)- a CD/DVD/Blue-Ray Studio 6)- a Drive/File/Folder Protector 7)- a Windows Updater 8)- a Windows Beautifier 9)- a Text Pad ( text editor and word processor ) 10)- a Advanced File Manager 11)- a Windows Advisor

    • John

      A nice idea

  • technogran

    There are an awful lot of my wishes coming to pass by the looks of it! All I want to know now, is when I can get my mitts on it all!

  • http://Infiniton.net/ Photon

    So should I expect Windows Live Sync to replace my DropBox account soon? 30GBs, not bad at all.

  • Mike

    Disappointed to see WLMM not making any advances. The program’s numerous key issues have nothing to do where it can and can’t upload content to.

    • Damaster – LiveSide.net

      It’s too early to say from just one screenshot.