First look at the new Windows Live Wave 4 header themes

Following our last post on the new Windows Live Wave 4 header, showing you some of its new functionalities and the organisation of services, this time we will show you several of the new themes that will come with the release of Windows Live Wave 4. Microsoft actually gave some lucky users a sneak peek when they accidently placed it in the Options menu on some current Wave 3 services, but all they could see were icon thumbnails. Today we will reveal to the world the whole set of the new Windows Live Wave 4 themes, and they look quite amazing:

2553.headerwiththeme_thumb_30915694 News

There are 16 new themes in total, including the Windows Live default one which still has a Wave 4 “touch” to it. Most of these new themes originate from the Windows 7 wallpapers, including those from the Characters, Scenes, Architecture, and Nature sets. Here’s all 16 of them, and their respective names (note that these names might not be final):

8688.windowsliveheaders_34bb2e59 News

Judging on the previously leaked Windows Live Messenger Wave 4 screenshots, it looks like the default set of “Scenes” in Messenger Wave 4 will get updated too with some of these new themes.

Picturepan2 from also revealed that in Windows Live Wave 4 web services, you no longer select your themes from the “Options” menu, but you can quickly change your themes by hovering over the header, and the themes menu will appear:

8037.themesmenu_6c8a4a53 News

What do you think about these new themes? Leave us a comment below!