Creative new names for the Windows Live Wave 4 themes, mobile experience to get themes support

Last week we showed you some of the newest themes coming in the next version of Windows Live. Unfortunately at that stage we were only able to get hold of the temporary placeholder names for each of the new themes. Of course, we’ve always known that they weren’t going to be the final name – after all, Microsoft would never name them “Characters1”! Good news is that the actual names we’ve discovered this week for these themes seems to sound quite creative and reflects the personality of each of the new themes. Here’s a table of the themes and the comparison of the original names with their actual names:

Theme Header Original Name Actual Name
8726.metalwork_3939ba78 News Metalwork Metalwork
2465.palmleaf_0a07cee1 News Palmleaf Hostas
7206.valentina_7af0f006 News Valentina Zune heart
3513.characters1_19c763e5 News Characters1 Dark hearts
7674.characters2_668b2a7b News Characters2 Misty
6114.characters3_4c4ac157 News Characters3 Chrysanthemums
3005.characters4_041d057b News Characters4 Psychedelic
3247.characters5_22874664 News Characters5 Spore
0675.characters6_0846dd40 News Characters6 Watercolor
3833.characters7_6e06741b News Characters7 Storybook
4263.characters8_53c60af7 News Characters8 Sweet monsters
0677.characters9_24941f60 News Characters9 Bounce
5758.characters10_0a53b63c News Characters10 Punga
4722.characters11_4225fa5f News Characters11 Bird man
0576.characters12_12f40ec8 News Characters12 Sky turtle

In a related news, recall we showed you earlier this year that Windows Live Wave 4 will provide users with a much better mobile experience. It now seems like when you browse through Windows Live web services on your mobile devices, these themes will also show up as part of the mobile experience (provided you are signed in), giving you a consistent experience across the PC and the mobile. Quite impressive I must say!