Windows Live Wave 4 leaked!

By Chris | Posted March 17, 2010 27 comments

Windows Live Wave 4 has been leaked. While the whole world, including loyal MVPs and trustworthy beta testers (Former Windows Live Butterflies) are waiting patiently for Wave 4, someone who does have access just leaked it!

Over on Bruno Silva posted screenshots of just about any app in Windows Live Essentials, he has this leaked build on his own PC.

Now we know which apps are in it besides one, Companion. What would this be? Your guess is as good as ours!
We are not going to post the whole slew of screenshots here, but if you want to see them, head on over to

I just have one thing to ask: Isn’t it time for a “public” beta?

Posted March 17th, 2010 at 11:54 pm
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  • JohnCz

    I suspect this is bogus or is some test of the installer. The version of Bing Bar they have on their site is older than what I have installed. Also, I’m noticing some of the About screens for other apps still reflect 2009 copyright date. I do anticipate Bing Bar replacing Live Toolbar with some enhancements to bridge the functional gap. As for what Companion is, I have no idea.

    • Chris

      Perhaps its a build from 2009?

  • Jon Thompson

    I believe they said that it is an old build. It might not be bogus but not all the apps work and need additional patches in order to be used, most notably messenger. I’m with sunshine and fully agree that its about time for a public beta. When Windows Live first came about I remember attending the Windows Live Sessions and being told how there would be continuous updates and public betas, guess they changed their minds.

  • Bruno Silva

    Tank You for thi post!

  • GH

    Thanks, but who cares!

    • Chris

      I love it when people say “who cares”

      why did you respond then?

  • Bob

    You can’t log into any of the apps unless your Live ID has been marked as approved, which is currently only available to MS employees. Some features also don’t work unless you’re logged in, so this isn’t as exciting as you might think.

    • Bruno Silva

      Yes it is true, in Europe there are 18 VIP Testers. I showed just what no one has yet shown! Tomorrow, maybe show more Screens!
      Attention is not the Beta, the Beta will only be distributed in May to Beta Testers!

      • JohnCz

        Thats interesting…I wonder if Wave 4 is tied to the Office Web Apps release. If so, it could be a very short beta.

        • Bruno Silva

          In the coming days will show more news

      • Poska

        @Livebetas :
        How do you know that there is only 18 VIP Testers in Europe Oo ?

        How can i contact you ?


  • helmet0628

    the 1 million dollar question for me is face recognition included yet or will it be?

    • Bruno Silva

      Features that are not yet tested, such as beta does not have all access …:( Integration “Social” for now is only with the online profile of Live.
      This build does not have facial recognition: (

  • arimateus
    • Chris

      Sorry to bust your party, but those are the same exact shots as link topic starter provided

  • helmet0628

    is that a feature that is coming in this version?

  • Gyussz

    Guys this is bullshit… When I saw “windows live wave 4 leaked!” I was like YAY YAY YAY YAY finally, and I checked that livebetas site, telling crap about limits and public beta in may etc. etc. Who gives a crap?? People want leaked to be seriously leaked. Correct me if I’m wrong :P

    • Chris

      You give a crap since you responded :P

      But seriously I agree with you. I was hoping for a download link but none.

  • Kip Kniskern –

    From what we’re hearing, these internal/”VIP tester” builds are pretty much locked down, so even if you were to get ahold of a copy, your Live ID would have to match a list of approved testers, or you wouldn’t be able to use it. We’re not sure whether to be upset with this new development, or to congratulate Windows Live on finally figuring out how to control unauthorized use of beta software ;)

  • Bob

    Be patient … the beta public could be released in a few weeks (a)
    Moreover the “LiveBetas ‘ screens” are from a very old build ..
    There is a lot of new features on the recent intern build since this one :)
    WLM Wave 4 will roxxxxx ;)

  • fmartin_ms

    All versions of Windows Live (15.2xxxx) belong to the Milestone 2, which was built between December 2009 and January 2010. The most current version is part of Milestone 3 (15.3.xxxxxx) compiled on February 26, 2010. I gave the version number to Michael Guillet Picturepan2, Bruno Silva. Build delivered to the Tester, which has not posted Bruno, is an improved version. Specifically for Windows Live Messenger: (15.3.2649.311) and Windows Live Mail: (15.3.2634.0226).

    Windows Live Essentials for Tester is Current Build: (15.3.2634.226)

    Please correct the wrong information. Regards

    • Bob

      I’m currently on the 15.3.264X.XXXX (Live Messenger) ;)

      There different levels of Testers :)

  • Gyussz

    Just a question I’m wondering about: how can someone or who can be a VIP tester? Only Microsoft employees and their friends/family?

    • Plopi

      I’m not really sure that Microsoftee’s friends are authorized to have an access to the Windows Live Wave 4 network.

      In order to be a VIP Tester, i don’t know how is the selection.

      @UltimateGR : It’s impossible to download the latest version if aren’t an authorized Microsoftee …

  • UltimateGTR

    Where can I download this build?

  • slimshadyplace

    New Videoconversation window;

    Individual Webcam is gone! Now u can send Video Messages instead.

    • Chris

      Dear god, I understand its an early build, but I do hope they fix the actvities such as the webcam so its not half and half

      and have tabs that blend in with the skin please! I don’t want IE tabs, I want messenger tabs.