WorldWide Telescope Map App released

6406.image_thumb_40ac4636 Bing

Today, the Bing team released the WorldWide Telescope mapping application for Bing Maps. Originally demoed at TED in February by Blaise Aguera y Arcas, the new application is the latest release supporting Bing’s Spatial Search vision.

The WorldWide Telescope application allows you to view most of the features available in the Silverlight client right in Bing Maps. That means real time information about how the space is moving over the Earth!

Clicking on the Start Here button brings up a mouse pointer, which you can drop anywhere on the map.
1715.image_thumb_2bca27e9 Bing
Once you do, the the constellations and stars above said place on the map will show up. Of course you can navigate around just like you normally do on Bing Maps,  grab and drag around. But that’s not all! Now you see the constellations and starts, but what are the called, what is it you are looking at?
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See the question mark icon next to the date and time? Click it and another control will appear which you can drag and drop on the constellations to get their name. If you click the question mark again the control gets switched off.

Don’t know what to look at? Try the collections shown in the panel on the left! Fly to will fly you right there! How cool is that?
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Even more information on this new Map App is given by Chris Pendleton. You can give it a go by going to, next click on Map Apps and select the WorldWide Telescope Application.