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By Sunshine | In Bing | Posted March 22, 2010 3 comments

The latest release of Image Composite Editor (ICE) has a “Publish to Photosynth” button. That’s right, you can now upload your full-resolution panoramas to Microsoft Photosynth for easy sharing on the web. 
Photosynth is Microsoft’s unique technology for reconstructing 3D spaces from a collection of photos. These 3D reconstructions (known as synths) will continue to be an integral part of the Photosynth experience. Now panoramas will also become integral to Photosynth. 

To make this possible, the Photosynth site also received an update. The viewing page has been redesigned so the experience stretches the full width of your browser window, whether you’re viewing a panorama or a synth. The page still contains everything it used to, but all the information that used to be squeezed alongside the viewing area is now below it.
Notice a new button in the screenshot above?
That is the new Expand/Contract Viewer button with which you can expand the synth to be viewed in the whole width/height of your browser window! To go back (Contract) just click the button again.

As you know geotagged synths are also displayed on Bing Maps (with Photosynth Map App). ICE panoramas with geotags will also be visible on Bing Maps alongside these traditional synths. The Photosynth team is working with Bing Maps to make this happen soon.

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Posted March 22nd, 2010 at 11:51 am
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  • jkth

    I’m not understanding the difference between ICE and Photo Gallery’s Panoramic pictures feature. Can someone enlighten me?

  • Mark

    jamie, microsoft’s ice is a research project, the technology developed and used in ICE is made simple and added to live’s photo gallery.

    ICE provides much better memory management, multi-core usage and is faster in general, as well as the few extra features it gives you such as the types of shots taken.

    Think of Live’s photo gallery as more of a basic 3-5 shot (although i have used it before for 30+) panoramic tool and ICE as a 100+ image tool.

    • jkth

      Thanks Mark. So do WLPG’s Panoramic feature and ICE come from the same group of people (i.e. is Panoramic a stripped-down version of ICE) or are they from 2 completely speerate teams?