New Windows Live Hotmail Wave 4 screenshots revealed

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Hotmail LogoPicturepan2 from has done it again! Last week he showed us screenshots of Office Web Apps integration within Hotmail, and this week he’s received new screenshots showing several new features of Hotmail Wave 4. Here it is:

Windows Live Hotmail Wave 4

When we compare the above screenshot (from M3 build) to the screenshots leaked three months ago (M2 build we believe), we would’ve notice the following differences (and new updates!):

  • Hotmail now uses the new logo!
  • Unified search box powered by Bing – no more multiple search boxes on one page like the current Wave 3
  • Improved email filters based on sender information – filter your emails to view only those emails coming from your contacts, from your social network updates, from your Windows Live Groups, and those coming from everyone else
  • Quick views – this is now a new way to browse emails based on their attachments or flags – you can quickly find all your flagged emails, those with photos attached, and those with documents attached. Oh and expect Office Web Apps integration when you click “Documents” under Quick views!
  • Web Messenger is now located at the bottom-left corner with a searchable contact list
  • New “Sweep” menu – allowing you to quickly perform bulk actions on all the emails in your folder at once. Currently with Wave 3, you can only select up to 35 emails at a time (limited to the number of emails on a page) to perform actions such as mark as read or Delete. With the new “Sweep” menu, you can perform these actions to all emails within a folder, with just one click of a button:
    Hotmail Wave 4 - Sweep

Pretty neat updates! Now we’re just waiting on when these updates will finally be released… Stay tuned!

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  • Matthew

    Now, the only other thing I want in Hotmail Wave 4 is for them to remove the footer ad for Hotmail/MSFT stuff. Perhaps make it default but optional, and then we could turn it off if we want. Hopefully the Hotmail team is listening…

    • Windows Live Hotmail Canada

      Hey Matthew, good to hear your feedback on Hotmail. Which footer ad are you referring to? Is it the one at the bottom of the left menu?

      • derviskemal

        No he means the one at the bottom of the e-mail footer after writing a new message. This is one reason why i use Windows Live Mail instead of the web version as it doesn’t have the advertisement on the bottom of the message.

      • Matthew

        Thanks for replying! Yes, Dervis is right … I’m refering to the footer text that is added to emails sent from For instance, I just send myself a test email from hotmail, and it added this to the bottom of the email:

        “The New Busy is not the too busy. Combine all your e-mail accounts with Hotmail. Get busy.”

        I usually use Hotmail via Outlook Connector (which is awesome … email/contact/calendar sync), so I don’t have the added text. But really, it would be nice if didn’t add this text either. At least, it would be nice to see this be an option so those who want to turn it off could do so. This footer text is the #1 complaint I hear from others about Hotmail, and it has pushed many over to Gmail or other services. So I love Hotmail (especially with Outlook Connector and/or Windows Live Mail desktop), so I’d really, really love it if this would be possible!

        • Windows Live Hotmail Canada

          Thanks Dervis & Matthew. I think this is great feedback. Let me get back to you as soon as I have more information on this. In the meanwhile, you can stay in touch with the Canadian team at or This is proably a great place to get direct updates from the team as well as get your feedback directly to us. Looking forward to hearing more from you folks!

          • Matthew

            Sounds good; I’m so glad the Hotmail team is listening! I’ll be following your blog, and hoping to here more soon!

        • Ed Lee

          I wrote this blog post a while ago to help others facing the same issue, namely, getting rid of the annoyingly unprofessional taglines on Hotmail.


          What I usually do is when I begin composing, I just press Ctrl-A and then press Del to erase everything in the body first.

          • Matthew

            Hmm … that’s an interesting tip! I’m surprised it works like that. And here’s to hoping that the Canada Hotmail team above will get a real solution going … that actually permanently removes the tagline ;) I was amazed they commented and took interest in it, so just maybe we’ll actually see this happen.

          • Ed Lee

            Yes. It’s a good workaround while we wait for their solution. I just hope they won’t think it’s a “tradition” they have to keep (Hotmail became a viral success because of the footer tagline) because it’s a pretty bad one to keep in 2010.

          • Matthew

            Yes, I definately hope they do decide to remove it, or at least give us an option to remove it. Good point, though, … the footer was the hallmark of Hotmail back in the days before Microsoft bought them out. But that was ’95, right? Come on, let’s update it for 2010! You can do it, Microsoft! :)

          • Ed Lee

            Yes. I believe Microsoft bought it in ’98 though Hotmail probably started around ’95/96.

            Well, if you’re willing to pay, Hotmail Plus ($19.95 a year) should be tagline-free. Could anyone with a Plus account confirm?

  • Joe

    Off topic but this is a lot help every body.
    Microsoft Fix it Center Online Beta

    • Ed Lee

      Thanks Joe. It’d be nice if they can do something similar for Windows Live products.

  • JohnCz

    I’ve been very positive but here are a few critical points/suggestions for this M3 beta.
    – Unless it is meant to add frequent Messenger contacts I’m confused why Messenger is in Hotmail’s left menu.
    – How do you manage folders? In Hotmail currently there is a link that takes you to a screen where you can customize.
    – Calendar is pushed way down in the menu. It would be nice if we could reposition the menu “groups” the way we want.
    – This is another pre-beta release without the “More” menu at the top. I certainly hope that is just temporary because how else do I get to Groups, Spaces, Family Safety. What about FrameIt? Also, Office Live Small Business should be a 1st class citizen and shouldn’t be in any sub-menu.
    – From the Messenger menu, I’d like to record a video message.
    – Love the new logo but seeing where they placed it, it needs to be scaled down.

    • Damaster –

      Some good points and great suggestions there!

      Just a comment relating to your point about the lack of a “More” menu on top, not sure if you’ve seen our post back in January about the new Wave 4 header navigation, but you will still be able to get to other Windows Live online properties (such as Groups and Spaces) on the new header. You can refer back to our post here with screenshots of the menus expanded:

      It might not be the best way to organise things, but those were old screenshots and may subject to change/improvement anytime before final release. =)

      • JohnCz

        Thanks, I completely forgot it…I even commented on this. When you don’t see something everyday, it tends to get misfiled. :)

  • JohnCz

    I’m guessing the “cobrand.mail.productname” string is meant to be replaced with or “Windows Live Hotmail” or “Office Live Mail”.

  • Josè Daniel


  • CraigH

    One really basic feature that Hotmail still doesnt have is search.
    I want to be able to search for mails by FROM, TO, SUBJECT..etc

    Im really hoping M4 has this. Gmail does :-)

  • Chris

    I just wish hotmail can fell more like a app rather then a webpage.

    • carlosjj

      Download windows live mail

      • Chris

        Thats not the point.

  • carlosjj

    I’ve made an icon of the new golden hotmail icon, you can find it here:

    • Chris


  • David MK

    Something I only just noticed, after staring longingly at the screenshot… where is the new message in the inbox? (note “view all” is selected) The folder list indicates there is a new message… is this a fake? I’m not a sceptic!