Bing Shopping goes social

Ever felt the need to ask your friend online for their opinion on something you intend to buy? Like for example your next Smartphone? Bing Shopping just made that easy to do! The team put in something you may already know for certain results like news and entertainment: share links for Facebook, Twitter and Email.

Let’s follow the example in the team’s blog post to see how this works:

– First we go to Bing Shopping 
– Type HTC HD2 in the search box and hit <enter> (gently!)
 4456.image_thumb_60654874 Bing
Sure enough there it is in the results, the HTC HD2 Smartphone. Hmm where are the social links you say? Not so fast, we’re not there yet!
– Let’s click on the link shall we?
7587.image_thumb_6d9babba Bing  
Ah, there they are!
– Now we can ask for our friends opinion by clicking any of the links.
5672.image_thumb_38427388 Bing
Ohh look, how convenient! The URL is already shortened with
1323.image_thumb_5c1b2515 Bing
2061.image_thumb_4a7b147d Bing
Handy for sure! Now Bing Shopping is social too.

Disclaimer: As with any Bing feature, this may or may not be available in your market.