Windows Live Hotmail Wave 4 to be officially unveiled May 18 in Sydney, Australia

By LiveSide | In News | Posted May 16, 2010 11 comments

5751_Hotmail_5F00_6DED2A31According to our friend Long Zheng’s blog post, several Australian bloggers and journalist have received an invitation to attend an exclusive lunch briefing about “the new version of Hotmail” in Sydney, Australia, at 12:30pm (AEST) on Tuesday, May 18th, 2010 (being in Sydney myself, I didn’t get an invite either Sad), coinciding with the date Milestone 3 builds may be released to selected private testers according to the rumoured roadmap. However, if you had been following LiveSide, you probably already knew many of the new features coming in Hotmail Wave 4, as we’ve covered them in our blog post earlier.

Additionally, we have also received news from Korean websites and that Microsoft Korea had demonstrated the new Hotmail and Messenger in one of their technology seminars back in mid-April. During the demonstration, Baek Seung Joo showed off some of Hotmail’s latest features – including Hotmail’s Active View, and integrating social notification emails into Messenger. Here a screenshot of Hotmail Wave 4’s Active View, showing how a YouTube email notification would appear in Hotmail, and allowing users to playback the YouTube video directly within your e-mail message:

Hotmail Active View

Second is a screenshot from Windows Live Messenger, showing you how Hotmail will automatically identify which e-mails received are “social notifications” (such as from YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn…etc), and post these e-mails as part of your social feed in Messenger. Here’s an example, showing the e-mail shown above displayed as a “social update” in Messenger, and allowing you to playback this video directly from within the social pane:

Messenger Wave 4 - Hotmail social updates

Pretty neat features eh? Check back in two day’s time as we bring you the latest news about Windows Live Hotmail Wave 4 as it gets unveiled. In the mean time, if you haven’t already, please take a read of our previous posts to learn about what’s coming in the next version of Hotmail and Messenger:

Posted May 16th, 2010 at 8:08 am
  • Dan

    What do you think of the removing of the one-way webcam functionality…

    The newest Wave 3 messenger QFE3… had already removed one-way webcam.
    Messenger Wave 4 only supports Calling (two-way) HD-video/audio.

    I personally this is a step in the wrong direction..

    • Menthix

      I hope the final wave 4 build will allow a video call without having to send video/audio on both sides.

      But that doesn’t explain why they removed it from wave 3, very strange move indeed.

      • Chris

        Microsoft needs to keep the one way deal. The other side may not have a webcam and removing the right to view the grand kids and their art project is just wrong.

    • Mario Albertico

      So upgrading not only adds some features, but it removes functionality? That’s interesting. For Wave 5, we should begin to expect being unable to IM people without Windows 7 Ultimate.

      Removing one-way makes it extremely inconvenient for me to have to dress appropriately if I did not intend on putting a show on someone else’s computer screen while my friend only wanted to show me his newest puppy.

      • Greg Edwards

        I’m thinking this problem could best be solved with a little duct tape and ingenuity.

    • Nater

      This is a lie. It’s still there, they just renamed the buttons and made two-way the default method to video chat.

  • anonymous

    The Windows team blog explained that they had to make changes to the backend service to prepare for the Wave 4 upgrade, and so Wave 3 had to be updated to work with the service backend which resulted in some functionality like one-way webcam getting cut and now they “feel very confidently” that this was the “right decision.” They look really really desperate to get people off XP and are ready to hurt them in every way possible.

    • Dan

      It has nothing to do with XP..
      Wave 4 doesn’t have one-way webcam..
      So people with vista-7 can’t use one-way webcam either.

      • Menthix

        Which makes it even worse.

  • Tony Taurisano

    Using Chrome I noticed this morning the Fav Icon changed for my Hotmail bookmark. Was a Windows logo before and now looks like the new icons with the wave at the bottom. Am I crazy?

  • Chris

    I figured out why they removed the one way webcam deal. They want us to go out and buy their expensive HD life cams.