New icons spotted for Windows Live Sync, Family Safety, Devices, Groups, and Profile

Thanks to a post from Technogran (via MyMicrosoftLife), who posted a new icon of Windows Live Sync on her new blog post, we were able to dig further get a glimpse of some of the new icons for Windows Live Wave 4. We’ve given you a preview of the new icons for Sync and Family Safety previously, but here’s the full versions of the new icons:

3833.sync_32950cd0 News

0272.devices_698eeb09 News 3058.familysafety_2a8d44a1 News 6431.groups_68a65f52 News 2273.windows_live_office_logo_66f5937e News
Sync Devices Family Safety Groups Office

Notice that besides Windows Live Office, all of the icons have the same “yellow ribbon”, including an updated Windows Live Groups icon, making them all consistent with the current Wave 3 set of icons. Not only this, but we’ve also noticed that there’s a new icon for Windows Live Profile, but we were unable to get a clearer picture of it:

0334.profile_5e258b32 News


What do you think about these new icons? Leave a comment below!