Windows Live Groups Wave 4 to get group collaboration features

2654.6431_groups_5f00_68a65f52_58d444ab News With the release of Windows Live Wave 4 imminent, Picturepan2 from has provided us with some exclusive screenshots of Windows Live Groups Wave 4. We’ve previously mentioned that Windows Live Group is changing its focus to be the place where you collaborate and share documents. While Microsoft gears up the new Windows Live Office in its Wave 4 release, they are also bringing Office Web Apps to Windows Live Groups. When you first login or create a new Group, this is what you will see:

0513.windows_live_groups_wave4_onenote_thumb_43c77673 News

Notice that in the centre it reads “A Microsoft OneNote notebook is a great way to collaborate with your group online.” This is a brand new feature in Windows Live Groups which allows people in your group to collaborate together and work on the same “OneNote notebook”. Although it does seem like Windows Live Groups only supports collaboration in OneNote Web App at the moment, although it doesn’t stop you from sharing your Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents for collaboration with your Group members:

3288.windows_live_groups_wave4_onenote_office_thumb_7edb06a4 News

What’s also new in Groups is the ability to pin your notebooks to the “Recent” menu on the left, as well as the ability to view group e-mail history. In addition, Windows Live Groups now supports up to 40 people for Messenger Group conversations. Quite impressive!