Bing and the FIFA World Cup South Africa – Part 2

Following up on Part 1, we bring you Part 2 with the latest release(s) of Bing stuff for the FIFA World Cup.

There is still no sign of the earlier mentioned Map App on Bing Maps, yet TechCrunch managed to get a screenshot of the app called HomeTurfFinder and also got hold of an image of (and more info on) the Bing World Cup Badge on Foursquare set to be released. No word from Bing on that yet either, so for now check out the TechCrunch post about those 2.

Whilst there is no official post about the Facebook App yet either, I noticed it being there on the Bing Facebook Page already. The App is called Fan Flair!
2703.image_thumb_09846b03 Bing  
After granting the app the permissions it needs (public information and photos and videos), you can create a picture with Fan Flair.

– First you get to choose a picture from existing pictures or upload a new picture
  0116.image_thumb_3839fdd8 Bing
– Next step is to choose a team
 0654.image_thumb_3ab309c9 Bing
– Then choose your flair:  there’s a scarf, a ball and a flag
 6558.image_thumb_066ebab6 Bing 8004.image_thumb_344be7a1 Bing
Move, rotate and scale the items until you got them where you want and click Goal.
– Your Fan Flair photo is now complete, ready to post to your wall and/or save to your Facebook photos.
 1351.image_thumb_6f036aaa Bing 5340.image_thumb_6ac96d18 Bing
The link to the team page you see in the screenshot above will lead you to the team page on the Visual Search Gallery mentioned in Part 1. You can also spread the word by tweeting. You can create another Fan Flair photo directly from there too.
2804.image_thumb_280a21e0 Bing   1263.image_thumb_25f536af Bing
Happy Supporting!

P.S. After saving the Fan Flair photo to your Facebook photos you will have to approve the photo on Facebook itself (will also create Bing Fan Flair Photo Album for you if you wish) before you can set it as your profile picture (manually).

Update: On bing&decide (UK), this app is called Footy-Tastic (source)
Update 2: Official post from Bing on the Facebook app appeared.