Windows Live Hotmail Wave 4 begins worldwide roll-out

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Windows Live HotmailAccording to a blog post at the official Brazilian Windows blog, Windows Live Hotmail Wave 4 starts rolling out today to the 47 million Hotmail users worldwide. (Thanks for the tip Anderson C.!) Here’s what the translated version of the blog post says:

A few weeks ago we talked about some of the novelties of the new Windows Live Hotmail, developed with tools that allow people to manage in a practical manner the accumulation of messages in their inboxes as well as save time on common tasks.

From today, the updates will be released to users of the service. This means that soon you will have access to news as:

1. Your inbox cleaner and organised: Features how to clear filters from a click and search suggestion.
2. Tasks day facilitated: Have attached photos without having to worry about size, watch videos from YouTube and Hulu range without leaving message, Quickview attachments.
3. Integration with Office: Access to Office Web Apps via Hotmail. In addition, there is integration with Messenger within the browser.

This process happens gradually until mid-August for more than 47 million users of Windows Live Hotmail. Therefore, so if you still can not see them, do not worry, soon you will have access to all news.

Have you gotten access to the new Hotmail yet? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

Quick Update: Looks like we beat the official Inside Windows Live blog post to it, but Mike Schackwitz, Program Manager of Hotmail team, has made the official announcement too. Head over there for a good read as to the reasons why not all accounts are upgrading at once, and why it takes almost 2 months for the upgrade to be complete. Oh and take note that “Office integration will first roll out to Hotmail customers in the US, Canada, UK, and Ireland first, and then to customers in other countries later this year.”

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  • John

    Any news on the Exchange ActiveSync feature? Will this also become gradually available?

    • Fredrik72

      Yes that’s what I want to know too… Exchange Activesync is definately the most important novelty in Wave 4 for me.

      • Sara86

        Yeah… I am really waiting for it too… Why don’t they just announce a release date??

  • mackenziepricee

    Have not got Live Wave 4 yet on Hotmail! Looking out for it.

  • Matthew

    Not yet … now I’m going to wear out my F5 key trying to get it ;)

  • nsilva

    So far, anything new on my Hotmail account.

    Maybe ill put a hammer on my F5 Key, hehehe

  • Seika

    Two and a half month is not really “soon” :D
    Need to wait for more annoucement, but did they seem to be deliberately avoid mentioning Exchange ActiveSync ?

  • Stefano Bellisario

    My account is now WAVE4!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Luca

      Noooo… Myne is not :(

    • Josemi

      Please, post a screenshot. When you entered do they advise you that there are new features or something like an introduction?


  • Stefano Bellisario

    Now I wish configure my mobile phone with Exchange Sync!!!!!

    • Josemi

      Thanks for the screenshot!

      Please, tell us if you were able to use it with Exchange, once you are done.

    • Gerardje1993

      Can you please tell us the settings of Activesync if you configured it right, maybee it will work in our accounts too

  • Stefano Bellisario

    I don’t know how I can to do for configure my mobile device… :-(

  • pstatho

    47 million? Maybe there is a zero missing, 470?

    • Damaster –

      Nice pickup – but that’s what the original blog post said. Perhaps it’s only talking about the number of Brazilian users? Although do they really make up 10% of the total Hotmail users? =O

  • Florin

    Paul Thurrott said that Exchange is just a back-end feature, it is not configurable on regular e-mail clients…thus, you will still need the Outlook Connector in Outlook and if you want to use programs like Thunderbird, it will simply revert to POP3 mail :(

    • John

      I think you’re wrong.

      “Hotmail supports push email on the web, PC and now on mobile phones. Using Exchange ActiveSync, available on nearly 300 million phones, with the new Hotmail you can not only seamlessly synchronize email between your phone and the web, but also synchronize your calendar and contacts. This is a significant improvement over IMAP alternatives that support sync’ing of email only (not calendar and contacts).”


      • jvd897

        @John: Actually, there’s a difference between Exchange and Exchange ActiveSync. Exchange is, as Florin said, the back-end server technology, and ActiveSync is, as you said, a protocol for syncing email/calendar/contacts. But ActiveSync is just that — a sync protocol. It’s possible to have ActiveSync without an Exchange back-end; for example, Google supports ActiveSync with Gmail and I think we can safely assume that they don’t run Gmail on an Exchange server. From what I’ve heard, neither does Hotmail.

        So, Florin’s right in that Hotmail still only runs natively in an email program that uses Microsoft’s proprietary DeltaSync protocol (Windows Live Mail, Outlook w/ Connector), and devices that support ActiveSync (according to Microsoft, there’s 300 million of them out in the wild).

        • jvd897

          Here’s the link I was looking for. Paul Thurrott explains it well.

        • John

          So if I use Hotmail with ActiveSync on – let’s say – an iPhone’s native mail app it will continue to act like POP3? Because I thought that the major improvement with ActiceSync would be keeping my emails in sync and not just downloading them like POP3 does now.

          • Fredrik72

            If you read carefully the windowslivepreview text about Exchange sync it says that Hotmail “already” supports push mail on the web and on the PC, “and now on mobile phones”. Which probably means Paul Thurott is right, and that the only new thing is Exchange Activesync protocol support on smartphones, everything else is as before. Unfortunately.

          • John


            In the video called “Save time doing common email tasks” the guy states that using ActiveSync will keep your email on your phone perfectly in sync. So if I delete an email on the phone, it is also gone in the web based version of Hotmail. That means that the new protocol does sync email and is superior to POP3.

          • jvd897

            Yes, exactly. I’m using ActiveSync with my Gmail and it works perfectly — it syncs like IMAP but is much easier to configure.

          • efjay

            I think Paul is wrong, How are they intending to provide push emaiil on phones, as they claim if there is no exchange connection? Are there any other phones apart from WM that provide push email with Hotmail?

          • Fredrik72

            Paul says: Exchange activesync support WILL BE supported on phones. Exchange activesync WILL NOT be supported on PC or Mac. So yes, if you have iPhone, everything is great and you will get your contacts, e-mail and calendar synced from Live Hotmail as a first class citizen. BUT if you are using a Mac and was hoping for Exchange Activesync with hotmail on your Mac then bad news, only POP mail is supported. And if you are using Outlook, you will still have to use the Live Connector, there will be no PC support for Activesync either, just the Microsoft proprietory Delta sync.

          • jvd897

            Right. Just to clarify: Exchange ActiveSync, from what I can tell, is only intended for mobile devices, not desktop programs. Again, “Exchange ActiveSync” is a different system than the one that lets you retrieve Exchange email with Outlook or

  • Stefano Bellisario

    But I want configure push mail in my windows mobile smartphone!

    • not disclosed

      That’s already possible with the windows live software, available in the marketplace. The only upside of activesync on your phone will be the availability of calendar sync.

      • Fredrik72

        …and most importantly contact and phone number/e-mail address sync.

        • not disclosed

          This is also already possible with the windows live softwar on the windows phone. Other phones, like the iPhone, will benefit from active sync with respect to syncing, but Stefano referred to windows mobile smartphone.

  • Sunshine –

    The announcement has just been made on Inside Windows Live too:

    And no, not seeing it on any of my accounts yet…

  • surilamin

    Not here on bay 117 as of yet.

  • Asrialys

    Wasn’t there an e-mail about this on the 11th? Anyway, cannot wait. Definitely going to be useful cleaning out my mom’s inbox, since she just let it all gather…

    • Orion

      I got an email about the update on the 9th. And for the record, haven’t been updated yet.

  • Jan

    not on my

    windows live devices currently redirects you to windowslivepreview/essentials/sync

  • Achal Dave

    I haven’t been able to figure this out yet.. Will there finally be a new mobile hotmail? The current one is extremely annoying and not very finger friendly. Anyone?

    • jvd897

      Yes. Go to and scroll down to “Rich mobile browse: mail, contacts and calendar”.

      • Revolutions

        It looks, though, like it’s much the same. Still stylus-friendly… not finger friendly =

        • Damaster –

          The mobile version of Hotmail Wave 4 has not been rolled out. But you can take a look at all the other Windows Live mobile web services already by going to in your iPhone browser – they’re all quite touch-friendly. Except Hotmail Wave 4 mobile to be similar.

  • Pinaki

    This is very typical of Microsoft. Too much talk of “this is coming!”, “That is coming!”, but then if you are lucky to see it, it’s on some obscure domain site like “” and then it’s a beta!. I’m tired of this s**it!.
    Why does Microsoft have to create this hoopla of some service, that is still 2 months or more to go. Just let us know, when it’s done.

    Look how Apple announces their products. That might give Microsoft an idea.

    People, before I get any flame-mail or hate mail here, please note, I’m NOT an apple fanboy. In fact, I work as a Software developer using Microsoft products. I give credit where credit is due!.

    • JSYOUNG571

      And I happen to agree with you.I have been a Microsoft fan for over 10 years. It takes Microsoft forever to release products and upgrades. By the time that they do, everyone else (Google,Yahoo, & Apple) have moved onto the next level. There are of excuses. One of them mainly is we are trying to release a good quality upgrade or product, We are trying to make sure that it goes through proper testing and is bug free. Finally when the product comes out, it is in beta which drags another 5 or 6 months. In the beta, we (the customers) have to deal with features that half work, or not completed yet, or just totally missing. Finally when it is released out of beta it works for a few months. Then it begins to fall apart with features not working and bug problems. We email or chat with tech support, all they can do is tell you they are aware and they are working on it. By the time they fix the problem, we are on our way to the next wave and they have to cut features and sometimes programs because they are working on a new product that is going to be better than the one you had trouble with and finally got working. This is all the time and it is truly sad. All the projects that are coming in Wave 4 should have come in Wave 3. Look how long it is taking and has taken for us to get something simple such as calendar sync between our Windows Live Calendar and our Windows Live Mobile phones. To this day on Windows Live Mobile Application, you cannot sync your contacts from your phone to your Windows Live Hotmail Contacts without an error. There have been so many updates to Windows Live Mobile Application and yet not one has solved this problem. In order to make sure that a contact appears in your Windows Live Hotmail Contact list and on Windows Live Mobile Contacts, you have to add them on Windows Live Hotmail Contacts then go to your mobile phone and sync. If you try adding them on your phone and then syncing them, it doesn’t work. We will see what happens in Wave 4 mobile update.

  • Billy

    “Outlook Live for Friends and Family” is the best of all Microsoft stuff!

    Full exchange support (Outlook without connector, like Hotmail)!

  • doctorwhofan98

    Haven’t got Wave 4 Hotmail yet. I’ll check everyday, though! Does anyone know whether Windows Live Home updates as well?

    • Damaster –

      Your Windows Live Home should’ve already been upgraded to Wave 4. However, until your Hotmail gets upgraded to Wave 4, you won’t see the new “Hotmail highlights” section.

  • Erik

    i havent gotten it yet, im still waiting!!!!grrrr