New Bing mobile site, Facebook results, and Yahoo!(?): tips from all over!

By Kip Kniskern | In Bing | Posted June 19, 2010 8 comments

Bing is set to announce its Spring update next week at an event in Los Angeles, but we’re already getting tips from all over spotting new stuff. First up is a new mobile experience (at leas from Zune HDs, can you confirm it for other devices?).  LiveSide friend and tipster Gilly2468 has a bunch of screenshots of the new interface, supplied by HIS tipster @Christo27:

NewWebUI1 newbingmobilemaps 

We checked here on our Zune HD, and indeed we’re seeing the new UI here. You can check it out yourself at from your mobile device, and check out more screenshots at My Microsoft Life.

Next, @ChrisLozeau noticed that Bing results are showing up in Facebook:


We tried it out, too, and not only do Bing results show up in Facebook, but web searches conducted on Facebook show up in your search history on (Update: ok so this isn’t new, but we still appreciate the tip!!!)

Sounds like Bing searches will be showing up in more places soon, too: a post on a Webmaster World forum points to a slide from a presentation on the Yahoo/Bing transition which appears to indicate that Yahoo! search results could be powered by Bing as early as August/September of this year.  A post at Search Engine Roundtable offers up a Microsoft response to the information:

Our goal is to transition algorithmic and paid search in the U.S and Canada in 2010 and we will soon start a series of external bucket tests (note: we’re only doing internal tests today). We will be sharing details about these tests (when they start, etc) with our customers first. So while we’re not ready to answer your specific questions today, we would be happy to bring you into the loop when the time is right.

In terms of the transition timing outlined on the slide – as we’ve said prior, our focus is on providing advertisers with a quality transition experience while protecting the all important holiday season. If we don’t believe we can do both in that timeframe, we will wait until 2011. That is the reason why the slide states that “we may adjust transition timing and dates as needed.”

We’ve also been hearing reports of new UI sightings for Bing, including tabbed results categories, and more.  Are you seeing the new UI for  What about new stuff on Bing on the desktop?  Let us know in the comments (and thanks for all the tips!  Keep ‘em coming at tips *at* liveside *dot* net!).

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  • mackenziepricee

    I am seeing the new Bing UI on Google Chrome but noe IE. Previously I was seeing it on a relatives PC with Firefox. I also see the new Bing Mobile layout on iOS 3.0 with Safari. Also, Facebook has had Bing for ages with English (US) set as the language…

  • Damaster –

    The new appears on my iPod touch/iPhone too!
    What’s amazing about this new update is Bing Maps – it even supports touch panning, double-tap and pinch-and-zoom! Works just like an app. Try adding Bing to your home screen too – it makes Bing work like an app in itself (it won’t have Safari menu bars).

  • Henry Edwards

    Not seeing the new UI on either E71 or N900, but will check on an iPhone. i am in the UK. but the new UI, with tabs at top for bing searches are showing when i change from the uk version to the US version. the picture location being to the right of the page looks awful, have not really thought the look of the new searches that well.

    • mackenziepricee

      Yeah, not really sure why they did that. The Bing logo should be white with the photo underneath it..

  • Ryan

    I’ve got it on my Zune HD.

  • Mario Albertico

    Loving the new UI on Zune HD; feels like an app!

  • Mobileuser

    I can see the new bing mobile web experiance on my iphone. They have great new image search experiance

  • Josh Jacob

    the new one iss showing up on my kin2