Bing improves Weather

Apparently the latest in a series of improvements to Bing is, something of particular interest to those in the Eastern US right now as they suffer through a heat wave, and us here in the Pacific NW as “June-uary” is finally over and summer, as predicted, arrived on July 5:

5468.bingweather1_thumb_0aa9d566 Bing

Just type weather into Bing, and you’ll get the latest weather forecasts from three sources (Foreca, Intellicast, and IMap Weather).  You’ll even get a weather graphic from the Bing home page, and even before you finish typing “weather”, for a quick take on the latest forecasts:

 7178.image_thumb_5a828aa2 Bing

Want to check out what the weather’s like in some other part of the country?  Just like before, type weather and your destination city or zip, but get a 3 forecast summary:

4101.bingweather3_thumb_007acbaa Bing

There’s even a 10 day forecast (woohoo! Sun in Seattle!):

3681.bingweather4_thumb_190cf9ab Bing

Nothing earth shattering here, but as usual with Bing, very well presented information you can get to quickly.