New SkyDrive logo confirmed – more new logos coming?

5125.sprite_logos_skydrive_2170b996 News Last month we revealed what was thought to be the new SkyDrive logo which quietly appeared on the Windows Live Preview promotional website. Today, the same logo appeared on Microsoft Australia’s website, which confirms that this is new logo for Windows Live SkyDrive:

2526.skydrive_7fa4e104 News

Not only this, but over at the official Inside Windows Live team blog, Omar Shahine also posted a screenshot of a new internal build of Windows Live Photo Gallery, and in it you can see the SkyDrive logo has been updated to the new “cloud” look:

0474.8132_uploadinggroupphotos_2d203811_74d763e2 News

With Windows Live Essentials 2011 “Beta 2” coming in a few days, F Martin, who revealed some insider information about the new build last week, also mentioned that the new suite would “incorporate new icons”. Are we expecting more new icons coming for the Windows Live suite? Stay tuned!