Bing, Long Zheng, and Google Instant: An HTML5 response?

Yesterday Google showed off its latest product, dubbed Google Instant (you can check it out using this URL: If you remember last year Long Zheng worked up a prototype of something quite similar, using the Bing API:

2100.reallivesearch_thumb_205840b6 Bing  

Of course now Long has his hand out, and began today by chiding Bing for not taking the lead, but then a comment on that post led him to a presentation by Bing at this year’s World Wide Developer’s Conference (WWDC, an annual Apple event), where Bing showed off some very interesting experiments, using HTML5:

Bing HTML5 Preview

Of course what makes Google Instant so interesting is its use of auto-complete, (something Long Zheng held out of his release 5344.wlemoticonwinkingsmile_7750326a Bing ), not only making searches potentially faster and easier for the user, but filtering up the most popular (and most lucrative, one would think) searches out of a much smaller subset of the full Google index.  So even with fancy Ajax or HTML5 tricks, there’s still quite a bit going on under the hood with Google Instant, but Long’s experiment and the Bing presentation open up questions as to Bing’s next move.