A new homepage for MSN China portal

Last week, MSN China launched a new homepage for its news and content portal website. Along with a new logo, the new, cleaner look has the same design as current MSN.com in the US and NineMSN beta in the Australia.

Here’s the new site, and a what’s new demo website. Some of the updates on the revamped page are:

msn-china-homepage_thumb News

  • NEW MSN China logo, new page style with some Metro UI design
  • bigger Bing search box in the header
  • theme customization with 11 background styles, and more is coming
    msn-china-theme_thumb News
  • IE 9 Jump Lists support
    msn-china-ie9-jumplists_thumb News

And MSN China also updated Bing Navigation, a website directory service, and Windows Live China website with new design.  ( via LiveSino )