Massive Windows on ARM post includes video peeks at Office 15, “Live” Metro apps

paint_thumb Featured News Today in an 8,000+ word epic on Windows on ARM, Steven Sinofsky finally lifted the curtains on some of what we can expect from Windows 8 running on ARM architectures, which he says will be available in the same time frame as the general availability of Windows 8.

Included in the blog post is a video showing off Windows on ARM (which is available only as a downloadable .wmv, but conveniently uploaded to YouTube by Tom Warren of The Verge:


In the video, we get a quick look at not only the new “Live” Metro style apps like Mail and Calendar:

mail1_thumb Featured News

mail2_thumb Featured News

mail3_thumb Featured News

mail4_thumb Featured News

calendar2_thumb Featured News

(nice and clean!)

…but also a peek at how Office 15 will look, also very clean:

word15_thumb Featured News

excel15_thumb Featured News

ppt15_thumb Featured News

We’ve seen some of this before, of course, but it’s nice to get a peek at what’s to come, and it gets us itching to play with the “Consumer Preview” when it launches on February 29th!