All Microsoft HD webcams and USB headsets are “Skype certified”

Skype announced that all Microsoft HD webcams and USB Microsoft headsets are now Skype Certified.

The video-calling company certifies products it feels are sure to give users an amazing experience while using Skype.

The newly Skype Certified products include:

LifeCam%20HD%203000 News
LifeCam HD-3000
LifeCam%20HD%205000 News
LifeCam HD-5000
LifeCam%20HD%206000%20for%20Notebooks News
LifeCam HD-6000
for Notebooks
LifeCam%20Cinema News
LifeCam Cinema
LifeCam%20Studio News
LifeCam Studio
LifeChat%20LX%203000 News
LifeChat LX-3000
Life%20Chat%20LX%204000%20for%20Business News
Life Chat LX-4000
for Business
Life%20Chat%20LX%206000%20for%20Business News
Life Chat LX-6000 for Business

To connect with your loved ones with these new Skype Certified products today, check them out in the Skype Shop or Microsoft Shop.