Xbox Surface: Specifications of a new tablet device leaked

By damaster | In News | Posted June 18, 2012

Xbox Surface SpecsOnly a few days after the alleged documentations of the Xbox 720, Kinect v2, and Kinect Glasses were leaked, today another document detailing the specifications for a tablet device named Xbox Surface has leaked. According to detailed obtained by Shifted2u, the new tablet device will be 7” in size with a 1280 x 720 resolution, SD card support, and more. The tablet device will also be accompanied by a new stationary device (new Xbox?), supporting full Direct3D 11 support, 4 USB 3.0 ports, 250 GB disk drive, and more. Check out the specification sheets below:

Xbox Surface Specs

We actually managed to obtain another document which corroborates with the above information, although this one is marked as “provisionary” and may be slightly older than the one above, but nonetheless shows the same Xbox Surface branding and similar specifications. It also shows logos from AMD, IBM, as well as Texas Instruments, potentially showing the manufacturers who supplies the various hardware parts and chipsets. Take particular note at the second-last bullet point, indicating that the tablet may have Kinect motion sensing technologies built-in:

Xbox Surface Specs

The timing of this leak is very interesting, which comes just before the mysterious Monday June 18th event from Microsoft. It is widely speculated that Microsoft may announce some sort of a tablet device during this event, and may feature Xbox Video streaming services according to TechCrunch. Given the event is to be held in Los Angeles, it is also widely speculated that it may be entertainment-related. With less than 9 hours to go until the event takes place, it’ll be interesting to see what the hype is all about. Stay tuned!

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