A summary of all new Windows Phone 8 features from the leaked SDK Emulator

Yesterday we saw the Windows Phone 8 SDK leaked to the web. Along with the SDK is the emulator which allow developers to test out their apps, and of course, the emulator is loaded with a version of the Windows Phone 8 OS. Today Hungarian website WP7.hu (via WMPU) managed to take screenshots of all the new features that they have found in the emulator, and to be honest, we think there’s quite a few changes that are quite compelling and useful for end users. We’ve summarised these in the table below:

XboxMusic_thumb Featured Mobile WalletHub_thumb Featured Mobile EmailAttachments_thumb Featured Mobile
Xbox Music + Video hub. Notice that the marketplace is now called the “Store”. Wallet hub. Office hub. You can now view your email attachments directly from here.
PeoplehubTogether_thumb Featured Mobile AutomaticBackups_thumb Featured Mobile AutoUploadApps_thumb Featured Mobile
People hub – Together Automatic backups. Now all your apps and settings and text messages can now be back up to the cloud. Auto upload apps. Developers can create apps that plug-in to this feature, allowing users to automatically upload their photos and videos to their service of choice.
StoragesettingsandSDcardsupport_thumb Featured Mobile TapandSend_thumb Featured Mobile Cellularsettings_thumb Featured Mobile
Storage settings and SD card support. Tap + Send NFC sharing capabilities. Support for SIM applications.
DataSense_thumb Featured Mobile ShowmusicandvideoplayingonXboxconsole_thumb Featured Mobile ShownearbyWiFi_thumb Featured Mobile
Data Sense Xbox SmartGlass integration. Ability to show the music or video currently playing on your Xbox console. Show nearby Wi-Fi hotspots in Maps.
Customizablelockscreennotifications_thumb Featured Mobile BackgroundfromBing_thumb Featured Mobile Newaccentcolors_thumb Featured Mobile
Customizable lock screen and notification settings. Select background images from your photo albums or Bing. New accent colors.
TexttoSpeechandSpeechRecognition_thumb Featured Mobile Voiceapps_thumb Featured Mobile Enterprisephonemanagement_thumb Featured Mobile
Text to Speech and Voice Recognition Service. Support for voice commands within apps. Enterprise phone management.

Of course, these are only what we can find from the emulator itself for now. There could be a whole heaps of new features yet to be discovered. We could only wait for the official announcement, said to be revealed during Nokia World on September 5. So out of the above new features, which one are you most excited about? Let us know in the comments below!