Screenshots of Minesweeper, Solitaire, and Mahjong games in Windows 8 RTM revealed

Windows-Store-Games News Ever since Windows 3.0, Microsoft had included the classic game Solitaire into its Windows operating system, and from Windows 3.1 onwards the popular game Minesweeper had also been included. This had continued until Microsoft “reimagined” Windows, which saw the removal of these games in the Windows 8 Developer Preview up until Release Preview, where it was argued that these games could be replaced by a plethora of both Xbox LIVE and non-Xbox LIVE game titles from the Windows Store (Microsoft did include a version of Solitaire available in the Windows 8 CP Store, but has since removed it in RP).

If you’ve missed these classic titles from Microsoft, don’t worry, because after digging a bit around the RTM version of the Windows Store, Danijel from Neowin Forums managed to find three classic Microsoft game titles that will make a return to the Windows Store in RTM, these include Microsoft Minesweeper, Microsoft Solitaire Collection, and Microsoft Mahjong. Check them out below:

Microsoft Minesweeper

Microsoft-Minesweeper-2_thumb News
Microsoft-Minesweeper-4_thumb News Microsoft-Minesweeper-8_thumb News Microsoft-Minesweeper-6_thumb News

Microsoft Solitaire Collection

Microsoft-Solitaire-Collection-1_thumb News
Microsoft-Solitaire-Collection-2_thumb News Microsoft-Solitaire-Collection-6_thumb News Microsoft-Solitaire-Collection-8_thumb News

Microsoft Mahjong

Microsoft-Mahjong-1_thumb News
Microsoft-Mahjong-2_thumb News Microsoft-Mahjong-3_thumb News Microsoft-Mahjong-8_thumb News

It doesn’t appear these are Xbox LIVE titles, so probably don’t expect to earn achievements from these. Update: It has been confirmed that these titles are part of “Xbox Windows”, and will provide achievements and Gamerscores to the user’s Xbox LIVE account:

Title Achievements Requirements Gamerscore
Minesweeper_thumb News Savior of the World
Good Start
Happens to Everybody
Good Memory
Win a game on each board size.
Complete a minefield for the first time.
Trigger your first mine.
Complete a minefield for the first time without using any flags.
Solitaire-Collection_thumb News Well Played
First One’s Free
Jack of All Trades
Win your first game of Solitaire.
Flip over your first card.
Play at least 1 game of Klondike, FreeCell, Spider, TriPeaks, and Pyramid.
Mahjong_thumb News The Fun Begins
Mahjong Pro
A Fresh Coat of Paint
Complete a puzzle.
Complete a Hard puzzle.
Change themes.

How do you like the look of these games, which has been given a full-screen revamped look? Are there any other Windows 7 games which you would’ve liked to see in Windows 8?