Windows 8 RTM built-in apps revealed via screenshots – Bing, Xbox Music, Video, SmartGlass and more

Microsoft just announced the Release To Manufacturing (RTM) of Windows 8, Windows RT, and Windows Server 2012 today, and along with the news also announced that the Windows Store is open for business. Thanks to a tweeted tip from George Sabourin, as well as some digging around ourselves, we managed to find some screenshots of some of the built-in apps that will ship as part of the RTM version of Windows 8. What we found includes a new Bing app, as well as Xbox-branded Music, Video, and SmartGlass apps, plus some improvements to the Mail, Calendar, People and Messaging apps (looks like a major overhaul of the People app too!). Check them out below:


Bing-1_thumb Featured News
Bing-2_thumb Featured News
Bing-3_thumb Featured News Bing-4_thumb Featured News

Xbox SmartGlass

Xbox-SmartGlass-1_thumb Featured News Xbox-SmartGlass-2_thumb Featured News Xbox-SmartGlass-3_thumb Featured News

Xbox Music

Xbox-Music-1_thumb Featured News
Xbox-Music-2_thumb Featured News Xbox-Music-3_thumb Featured News

Xbox Video

Xbox-Video-1_thumb Featured News
Xbox-Video-2_thumb Featured News Xbox-Video-3_thumb Featured News

Xbox Games

Xbox-Games-1_thumb Featured News
Xbox-Games-2_thumb Featured News Xbox-Games-3_thumb Featured News

Mail, Calendar, People, and Messaging

Mail-1_thumb Featured News Mail-2_thumb Featured News People-1_thumb Featured News People-2_thumb Featured News Calendar-2_thumb Featured News Messaging_thumb Featured News


Photos_thumb Featured News


Camera-1_thumb Featured News
Camera-2_thumb Featured News Camera-3_thumb Featured News Camera-4_thumb Featured News

Of course, all we’ve shown you above are merely screenshots of the new apps. There may well be many more improvements and enhancements that aren’t shown in the screenshots, and you’ll only find out when you give them a try when Windows 8 becomes available. But from the looks of it, they sure do look beautiful!