Microsoft cuts the price of Surface Pro by $100

Microsoft cuts the price of Surface Pro tablets by $100 in some markets, following $150 Surface RT discount last month. In the US, the 64GB model’s price is reduced from $899 to $799, while 128GB’s is also reduced by $100, selling for $899 now. Microsoft China first announced it today.

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The new prices are live in some markets, including the US, Canada, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan. So far the price is unchanged in European countries or anywhere else. We will update this post when new information comes out.

Last month, Microsoft filed its annual Form 10-K, revealing that Microsoft has generated $853 million from Surface tablet lineup. Before that, Microsoft announced a $900 million write-down on its Surface RT, parts and accessories in its Q4 2013 earnings. The recent Surface price cuts, as well as conference discounts, could also suggest that we are getting close to the “update to Surface RT and Pro”.  ( via LiveSino)