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By Kip Kniskern | In News | Posted January 22, 2014 9 comments

Microsoft has updated its Office Web Apps today, opting for an even “flatter” look and feel, adding easier access to SkyDrive, and even adding some features. Frederic Lardinois over at TechCrunch noticed the changes, and then confirmed them with Microsoft:

“We did introduce some Office Web App updates earlier today,” a Microsoft said. “As we’ve said in the past, we’ll continue to bring the Office features that you value most to the Web and this is just one example of that.”

OneNote users will immediately notice the changes to the new look navigation bars to the left. Lardinois noticed some other changes, too:

Microsoft has also changed the design of the top menu across all the apps and cleaned up the design of the Ribbon menu across the board. The occasional semi-skeuomorphic icon remains in the Ribbon, but for the most part, the Office Web Apps have now gone completely flat.

LiveSide reader Nathan noticed the changes too, and sent us a tip (thanks!) with a couple of more changes:

The Office web apps now have a header with a search bar in the ribbon and a new design.

Also, the file menu now has a “new” tab for creating new documents.

We’re not sure why the Office team hasn’t blogged about the changes yet, maybe they’re a bit gunshy after another UI update, this time to their blog, got hacked, making for a somewhat embarrassing debut. In any event, check out the new look Office Web Apps, and let us know what you think.

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  • Jimmy Jonsy

    What is with all the bitterly-toned articles lately? This site used to be fun, but lately feels like a downer.

    Anyway, I noticed these updates earlier today and I like them! It’s much cleaner and prettier and definitely more responsive too!!!

    • Kip Kniskern –

      Finding it a bit hard to be cheerful about the second hack into Microsoft blogs (due only to not changing passwords after the first hack), but we’ll try to paste on a smile ;)

  • RustyGates

    looks like word and excel git the same thing

  • Michał Jakubowski

    OneNote doesn’t seem to work for me after this update :/

    • Narek

      For me too.

  • jkth

    They’ve blogged it
    Apparently there’s a new header as well with direct links to the Office Web Apps (ltho I’m not seeing it yet). I did always wonder what they were going to put in that empty space.

  • Joscelin Trouwborst

    Having an Office 365 for Home, I have never ran into the need for using the web apps. I can imagine them to be important for many people though. Especially, if you are relying on internet cafés. By the way, the apps do not show in my app bar yet.
    There is something I am looking forward though, a leap forward with Skydrive. I would like to see that if someone shares folders or files with me, that I can have them sync with a device. Currently, I can only sync my own content with my devices. The inclusion of functionality as has Nokia Storyteller for WP8.
    I think we were promised the finalization of the integration of Skype and Messenger to be in autumn last year and we have not seen it yet. I feel it to be a confusing mess. I really hope Microsoft is getting through with this soon.
    I feel that Microsoft should also implement feedback options more consistently.

  • Michael Hazell

    This new update makes the web apps look completely ugly and unappealing to the eye. They should have kept it the way it was.

    • Johnnyj

      I think the apps look nicer, and is more consistent with the mobile apps now. What I don’t like though is that “File” is no longer stands outs like it used to.