Its official: SkyDrive is now OneDrive

By Kip Kniskern | In News | Posted February 19, 2014 6 comments

onedrive_white Microsoft just announced that SkyDrive is now officially OneDrive, and available in over 100 languages at or by logging in to your former SkyDrive account.  Last year, after fighting in court over European trademark rights to the SkyDrive name with BSkyB and losing, Microsoft had a change of heart about an appeal and agreed to change the SkyDrive name.

Then, in January, Microsoft announced the OneDrive name, and today the name change takes effect.  For those expecting big changes or new features along with the name change, there aren’t many.  Android users will gain automatic backup of their camera rolls if they install the OneDrive app, and as we told you, Microsoft is marketing some chances to increase your OneDrive storage for free, according to a blog post announcing the changeover at

To celebrate the official launch of OneDrive, today we will also give 100,000 people 100 GB of free storage for 1 year. That’s 10 PB of free storage—enough storage space for a photo of everyone on the planet. If you want to be one of those 100,000, keep an eye on @OneDrive for clues.

We are excited to share OneDrive with you today, and look forward to hearing what you think. For more details on how to get started, including step by step instructions, just visit

While we’re glad to get the name change behind us, it is a bit disappointing that OneDrive doesn’t have more new to offer (although we’re expecting co-owned folders anytime), and it’s going to take a while to make the name change in all of Microsoft’s properties, only last week Microsoft added changes to Windows 8.1 to include a SkyDrive sync icon to the taskbar.  Now that the name change is official, though, are you satisfied with the service?  Do you use it regularly, or do you prefer Box or Dropbox (or Mega, or….).  What are your favorite features, and what features are missing?

(note that while the official blog post is now live, is still resolving to the preview, and it may take some time before the changes actually occur)

(also, while we’re waiting for the site to go live, you can download and install new versions of the Windows Phone app or the iOS app, an Android app is “coming soon”)

Posted February 19th, 2014 at 12:11 am
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  • Emiliano Magliocca

    onedrive is my favourite, but only with co-owned folders will be perfect

  • Chaosprower

    The Android app now has automatic camera backup, nice.

  • Windows Phone Bruker

    Personally I use OneDrive, Dropbox, Box, Cubby and AeroFS for all my syncing and online storing needs.

    OneDrive is my main service, now with 28GB (!), it’s the best for sharing photos and editing Office files.
    Dropbox is for things that I don’t want on my OneDrive (also music because Dropbox is better with music than OneDrive) especially after getting every folder to my Windows 8.1 PC, I prefer to have my “random” files on Dropbox where it’s easier to control.
    Box is used since I got 50GB free, uploaded 20GB of old photos that does not “fit” inside OneDrive.
    Cubby is just used for one feature I liked from the Live Mesh days, syncing specific folders, I do have some folders I can’t move that I want to sync.
    AeroFS is for my unlimited syncing need, here I can sync my 224GB and growing photos and videos collection from my camera.

    Maybe one day I can have OneDrive for everything in my life, but at the moment I need FiveDrives.

  • Joscelin Trouwborst

    There is a lot to be wished for still. I have posted those comments in the OneDrive blog here

  • eternaloptimist1971

    So why hasn’t my Windows 8.1 Skydrive app updated itself to the new name yet?

  • leoniDAM

    I use 2 account one for work, one for personal use, on Windows 8 i sync my personal account but i need to sync also some folder of work account so i need the co-owner feature (hoping that this feature can address my issue)

    Another interesting feature is ability to save email attachments directly on Onedrive.

    If I share something with someone that don’t has a Microsoft Account, will be useful the ability to create special passwords that can be used, by this recipient, to get access to that file