Session list for Build 2014 is now online

By Kip Kniskern | In News | Posted March 31, 2014 1 comment

Build 2014, Microsoft’s almost annual developer’s confererence, takes place this Wednesday through Friday, and Microsoft has (finally) released the session list for the conference. The sessions, as usual, will be available (usually within 24 hours) on demand via Microsoft’s Channel 9, and you can view the session list there now. While we’re sure there are some gems hidden within the session announcements, a quick glance shows the usual assortment of Windows, Windows Phone, and Azure (mostly) sessions, and a couple of can’t miss sessions from Microsoft legends Anders Hejlsberg (on TypeScript) and Mark Russinovich (on “Avoiding Cloud Fail: Learning from the mistakes of Azure“). Miguel de Icaza of Xamarin, who’s company has been rumored to be an acquisition target of Microsoft, will also be presenting, and there is a Nokia SDK session, as well as one on the Xbox Music APIs. Spot anything else interesting? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter.

We’ll be heading down to San Francisco on Tuesday, to cover the event and the Nokia press event, and to pop in to some of the sessions. Will you be there?

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  • Daniel

    2 interesting topics:
    “App Studio for Windows”
    “Attendees will be given an early preview of and access code to Windows App Studio which will now support the creation of both Windows Phone and Windows Apps.”

    “Integrating Your App into the Windows Phone Speech Experience”
    “The Windows Phone Speech APIs help you integrate your app into Windows Phone’s new system-wide speech and natural language user experience.”