OneDrive ups the game with more storage, cheaper prices

By Kip Kniskern | In News | Posted June 24, 2014 7 comments

Yesterday, Microsoft announced some significant changes to OneDrive, upping storage to 15GB from 7GB, free to all users, and upping Office 365 users 1TB of storage per person with any Office 365 account. Additional storage prices have also dropped, and an extra 100GB will now cost you $1.99/mo (down from $7.49), with 200GB of extra storage now costing #3.99/mo, down from $11.49.

Although we’re still waiting for Microsoft to improve the service itself, these changes are more than cosmetic improvements. As Ed Bott notes, they mark a serious challenge to the likes of Dropbox and Box, as cloud storage becomes a feature rather than a product, and Microsoft can offer seamless integration with Office and Windows, along with these new storage limits, to offer what those other services can’t.

Where Microsoft still lags in is non-document file management. Although it had been rumored for years, we’ve yet to see a true “OneDrive music player”, or a cloud based photo editor. Microsoft has tried numerous times to create a Photoshop-like editor experience, all without much success, but the truth is that for the vast majority of non-business consumers, photos and music take up not only the bulk of their storage needs, but also their most valuable experiences. Not everyone is writing the next great novel, but everyone is taking pictures, listening to music, and increasingly, capturing video. The need to manage, share, and collaborate with these types of files is still the consumer’s greatest need and Microsoft’s biggest challenge.

In addition, it’s still an iPhone/Android dominated world, and while Microsoft has made great inroads in its cross-platform endeavors, there’s still lots of work to do, and evidenced by some comments in yesterday’s OneDrive Blog post:

JD says: June 23, 2014 at 8:43 am

Its too bad the OneDrive for OS X app sucks or I’d actually use this. Its a complete afterthought. MS needs to up their game on other devices. I think its happening under their new CEO, just taking some time.

Microsoft Group Program Manager for OneDrive, Omar Shahine, who wrote the post, responds:

Omar Shahine says: June 23, 2014 at 9:49 am

Yep, we need to up our game on our Mac client. It’s very important to us, so rest assured it’s a priority.

Are you satisfied with your OneDrive experience? Does it measure up to what you get from other services? What would make OneDrive a better experience for you?

(As you might have noticed, I’ve been on a bit of hiatus recently. For the last 8 years, I’ve spent nearly all my waking hours following Microsoft news in some form or other, and it was time for a break. LiveSide continues on, though, although perhaps in a slightly different form, more on that later. For now, it’s good to be back.)

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  • Andy D

    I’m glad you’re still alive! I was getting worried there with no posts for a while!

  • Geoff Coupe

    I’ve been banging away for years at the OneDrive team to get them to restore support for photo tags that was originally in the old Windows Live. So far with zero result. In fact, things have recently got worse. See

  • Georgi Hadzhigeorgiev

    When those prices will be dropped? At the moment there’s no see any price drop in OneDrive’s “Get more storage”.

  • Joscelin Trouwborst

    I too have noticed your absence Kip. You have only one life here. Better enjoy it.

  • Joscelin Trouwborst

    I understand that price plan changes will roll out over the month of July.

  • Joscelin Trouwborst

    I am happy with the 1 TB that I am going to get with my Office365 subscription. I can do with it.
    In general I feel rather pissed off by the mess that has grown in recent years in the Msft stable.
    Bing Maps should become much better to catch up with Google.
    Good to have all sorts of Bing apps.
    We need a Bing Camera app that is a rebrand of Nokia Camera, but includes Photosynth functionality.
    We need Bing to take control of creating a seamless user experience for taking, storing, showing and sharing of (moving) pictures, including Photosynth, using OneDrive, replacing WL Photo Gallery and Movie Maker. E.g. users should be able to see a map with where all there pictures are shot and zoom in and tap to see them. Date Taken and Geo Coordinate tags are of the essence here, but readily available now that most shots are with smartphones and the like.
    Generally, Microsoft is too slow and is losing, has lost leadership in the consumer space to Google. I bet that Google is to offer its limit less Google Drive for $ 10 / month to consumers soon, like it has announced for business yesterday.

  • Michael Hazell

    OneDrive needs a built in music player.