On the Threshold of Windows 9: Preview said to arrive late September

By Kip Kniskern | In News | Posted August 15, 2014 6 comments

“Threshold” is the code name of the next version of Windows, and according to a report today by Mary Jo Foley, it’s coming soon. Mary Jo reports that according to her multiple sources, the new OS will enter a public Technology Preview in late September, with a final version to be released in the spring of 2015. The new OS will build upon Windows 8, but is said to include a “mini-Start menu”, the end of the “Charms bar”, the ability to run Metro/Modern apps in windows on the desktop, Cortana integration, and virtual desktops.

According to Foley, the technology preview will require users to opt in to monthly automatic updates to the OS, and at least according to one source, will be available as a public preview “to all those interested”.

Microsoft, especially under new CEO Satya Nadella, is making a big deal about moving faster, and readying a new OS less than a year after Windows 8.1 was released seems to fit that bill. While not quite reaching “Vista” status, Windows 8 / 8.1 is being portrayed more and more as a failure, and a makeover makes some sense.

We’ve still yet to see Microsoft move as fast in other areas, new mantra or not. Skype still remains the same mess it’s been since shortly after Microsoft acquired it, and the Skype/Lync/Yammer confusion remains as murky as ever. We’re also yet to see a Metro/Modern version of Office, some three years after the launch of Windows 8. Microsoft has been making some progress with Xbox Music, but it’s still lacking basic features, and the pace of innovation seems glacial.

While the code name “Threshold” doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence that Windows will be ready to offer a unified operating system between mobile, tablets, and PCs (are we there yet, or only on the “threshold”?), the rapid release of the new preview and a stated goal of unifying the application model for a full range of form factors is at least getting us closer to the goal.

Is “Threshold” the Windows you’ve been waiting for? Are you excited for a new OS? What’s still missing for you from Microsoft?

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  • eternaloptimist1971

    I don’t understand what is meant here in the quote “Skype remains the same mess it’s been since shortly after Microsoft acquired it”?
    I like Skype and the only problem I can see it with, based on my limited experiences, is that Microsoft failed to take a stand behind only one Messenger-VoIP program, instead waffling about with three and still supporting the legacy Live Messenger program for Asia

    • http://batman-news.com Zeus

      Skype still lags far behind compared to the experience we had over 10 years ago with Windows Live Messenger.

  • cybersaurusrex

    I’m excited for Windows 9… but can it save Windows Phone? That’s the question…

    • http://batman-news.com Zeus

      Windows Phone does not need saving. It’s a solid OS especially 8.1.1; all they need to do is push some updates to the integrated Office and OneNote.
      All that I have been begging for in the OS has been included.
      Windows 8/8.1 on the other hand is another mess. That’s what really needs saving with Windows 9.

  • Fred A.

    Hello!!! Is anyone there? I mean, is Kip and company on vacation or something? What’s going on with this site? This article is from ten days ago, as of today 8/25. What gives?
    There is plenty of news on MS and nothing here… Hope everyone is OK.
    I know my post has nothing to do with the article. I don’t know of another way of posting my thoughts about LiveSide.net and its lack of content, however, I know I am not the only one wondering about this.

  • Joscelin Trouwborst

    Running into a serious multi device scenario OneDrive synchronization mess, I think that instead of all the fashionable talk, we can best hope for Microsoft equipping Windows 9 for all device flavours with a new (object) file system that is completely geared towards cloud centred multiple device synchronization. NTFS wasn’t build for this.