Hello world

That's for all you devs out there :-p. For my first post I wanted to go ahead and introduce you to the current staff of LiveSide.

Chris – A/K/A the infamous "Overdo" on the web from the UK, causing death and destruction to everything MSN.
Harrison – A butterfly [tho deserves to be an MVP] from Sarasota, FL. If he's not online, he's probably playing his Xbox 360.
Kip – An MSN MVP from Des Moines, WA that will be our Office Live guru.
Me – Another MSN MVP [of Hotmail, tho pretty much everything MSN and Microsoft really] from Saint Joseph, IL [good luck finding it on the map :-p].

This is a great group of people; I hope you enjoy the site! We'll also be bringing more people in as time progresses.