Interview with Phil Holden, Director of Windows Live

This is a short interview I did with Phil talking about Windows Live and where it is heading in the next year. Summary:

0.00 Introduction
0.56 Windows Live announcement and progress through 2006
2.49 Windows Live Sessions aims
4.50 Windows Live vs MSN
6.12 Microsoft's new approach to Windows Live, especially in regards to betas
7.36 Development of products through beta
9.02 The role of
10.36 Parental control in Windows Live
11.19 What makes Windows Live worth switching to for Google and Yahoo users
13.21 Fremont going global
14.06 End

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All being well this will be the first of several interviews with Phil, with later interviews focusing on upcoming products and services as well as discussing how the Windows Live rollout is progressing. Your feedback will be greatly welcome, either in the comments or via email :-)

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Update: I forgot to link Phil's blog, sorry Phil! Link