Almost Live (again)

windowslivelogo.gifHmmm, well that was interesting. Anyway, glad to be back – looks like we're just in time, too, as there's lots to talk about, so we'll try and get caught up quickly. Windows Live Favorites suddenly got a lot more interesting, with the ability to share favorites (on Spaces). Right click on an entry in Live Favorites, select Properties, add a keyword or two, and select "Share this Favorite". Then add the Favorites module to Spaces, and now everyone is one click away from your favorite links. Now just imagine if you could search across all public shared favorites. Wouldn't that be fun?

Windows Live Safety Center, too, is making appearances – as a gadget on , and an activity on Windows Live Messenger. Virus scan your computer from your home page, or perhaps more interesting, help a Messenger buddy scan their computer from within Messenger. Quite useful.

Of course just before we went off slacking there were more hints about the upcoming Office Live beta, we've begun posting the first of a continuing series of interviews, Spaces updated their update, and LiveSide wandered over to a new dedicated server. In the words of Eugene Levy in "Splash" – "What a week I'm having!"