Windows Live Messenger: week roundup

WLMessenger icon.gifEarly last week Microsoft released a support tool for Windows Live Messenger users, aiming to resolve some of the conflicts that testers have been experiencing with Shared Folders. The Sharing Assistant Utility "is a tool designed to assist users perform basic diagnostics, package all necessary logs to report feedback, and clean up Sharing Folders related components if necessary."

So if you have been having difficulties in getting Shared Folders to operate correctly, then this may help you and the developers resolve any issues you have experienced.

Sharing Assistant Utility

On a related note, some MSN Spaces users who have upgraded to the Internet Explorer 7 Beta 2 Preview have been noticing the yellow security bar prompting them to install a "Messenger Beta" addon (Screenshot.) have suggested that this is a sign of "cross-integration" that is to come, however I've been told that it is merely a bug that occurs as a result of using the IE7 Beta 2 Preview and it will be fixed shortly.

And finally, WL Messenger beta testers were notified of a free Windows Live Wink that was made available this week. Unfortunately this attempt at stimulating interest before the upcoming launch of Windows Live has backfired, with the Wink in question not proving popular with the testers. In case you missed it, its linked below (80's fashion warning.)

Windows Live: Winter Groove Wink