Custom Domains upgraded, Mail Beta invites next week

WLDomains icon.gifOn Thursday the public beta of Custom Domains was upgraded. Some good news for those who have been asking for Windows Live Mail inboxes instead of Hotmail inboxes, 40 Mail Beta invites will be given to domain owners next week (14/2). The other changes include:

 – Ability to add upto 60 users to a domain
 – Improved error messages in the admin console
 – Improved user management
 – And bug fixes

The team blog notes that they are looking into providing an SDK to help with domain administration.

Related to this is the news that Google has started its own private beta domains service, which for the moment appears targeted at major insitutions. It seems like some of the Mail team aren't too pleased with all the press Google has been getting, saying that Microsoft is way ahead of Google on this one. Reeves links a site that show Microsoft is pitching the Windows Live platform to .edu administrators already. Pre-empting Google, that's what you call a smart move.

WL Custom Domains team blog
Windows Live @ edu Program

Update: The team blog has sinced changed the original posting, removing all references to Windows Live Mail invites with no reason given.