Microsoft Acquires MotionBridge

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Today, Microsoft announced that they had acquired the mobile search company, MotionBridge. Christopher Payne, Corporate Vice President of MSN Search, had this to say,

"The emerging field of mobile search is strategically important and crucial to delivering on our vision for Windows Live of providing a seamless and rich information experience for individuals and businesses across devices. With MotionBridge, we are excited to continue to offer mobile operators the tools to maximize the value of their content and data networks, and provide a powerful search engine for mobile users. By combining the mobile search solutions of MotionBridge with Microsoft mobile search instruments such as local and Web search, we will provide mobile operators and consumers with an even richer search experience."

MotionBridge is a company that specializes in contextual results and sponsored links in mobile search. Microsoft is sure to use these technologies in its upcoming releases of MSN Mobile and Windows Live Mobile.