Windows Live News Mashup

windowslivelogo.gifHere's a collection of little Live tidbits, in no particular order…

There's a beta(2) of Windows Defender available today (2/13), here. Defender is the Anti-Spyware offering built from the MS purchase of Giant in late 2004, which will be included in some form in Windows Vista and Windows OneCare Live.

The Windows Live Mail team has started a new Spaces site, LiveMailSupport, kind of a faq for Live Mail issues.

A new gadget has appeared for, this one counting Winter Olympics medals

Channel 9 has a new video talking with some of the Windows Live Expo team. If you're interested in the nuts and bolts of cutting edge development, this is great, but there's some good demos of the new classified ads Windows Live offering as well. Sounds like Expo is an example of "home cooking", using Visual Studio 2005, ASP.Net 2.0, Windows Server 2003, and SQL Server 2005 technologies, all to help you sell your black and white tv and your IBM Selectric. You can watch the video here.

And oh yeah, there's a new Windows Live Messenger build, 562, for technical beta testers only. Consider this an interim build, with something more substantial planned for a wider release.