Mixed reaction to Office Live after One Day

office live beta logo.png…that is, mixed between "nothing but a re-hash", and "no it doesn't mean a web version of Microsoft Office".

In the "nothing but a rehash" camp, David Hunter points out the similiarities between the bCentral press release of 1999 and today's Office Live press release, Phil Wainewright gets right down and calls it a rehash, Vinnie Marchandani just ho-hums.

On the other hand, Joe Wilcox started it off with What Office Live is Not, Rich just points to the faq about the confusion, and for Josh, it's just too much "Live", fergawdsakes.

Of course there's plenty of enthusiasm, too. Chris Beiter is just plain excited, but then he's on the project (hey Chris, could you tell your team to blog, already?), Dare is optimistic, Doug has some good things to say, and points out two underappreciated features, pre-configured Sharepoint hosting, and site backups (hey, you work with somebody's Mom, you get mentioned in their blog – go figure).

Edit To reflect Rich's new blog address – and as long as I'm here – Marc Orchant chimes in on the Office Live bashing from under his desk

I've only had a little time to poke around with Office Live, but it certainly looks compelling if a little daunting. We'll be trying out some Office Live features here at LiveSide, of course. Being scattered halfway across the globe has it's challenges when it comes to planning world domination in Windows Live watching, so having a Sharepoint site all set up may just come in handy.